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Monday, June 17, 2019
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Information on the genital infections

Sexually transmitted infections are caused by virus and bacteria. The commonly affecting viral infections are caused by the herpes virus. Two different strains of this virus, the herpes simplex virus and zoster virus cause viral infections. Read further to learn more about these infections.

Men and women in today's society have completely changed the definition of sexual relationship. People today are more free and open about their physical relationships with the opposite sex. Many men and women have multiple sexual relationships at one time, or frequently change their sex partner. This pattern of lifestyle has led many of them to contract sexually transmitted infections. Most of these infections are known to affect your genitals and are also known as genital infections. Some of these infections are caused by bacteria, while some are caused by viruses. The sexually transmitted viral infections are such that they cannot be cured completely but can definitely be treated with the help of antiviral medications.

The viral infections seen in most of the men and women are caused by the types of herpes virus, which are herpes simplex virus or the zoster virus. Genital herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections, which is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It is characterized by symptoms such as fluid filled red blisters, red sores and ulcers that appear on or around the genitals, thighs, buttocks and anus. You can contract this infection through unprotected sexual intercourse and by sharing your sex toys with an already infected person. Some of those who contract this infection, usually experience the symptoms with the first four or five days. While most of the infected people experience symptoms after a few weeks, or months, and at times even after a year. Genital herpes is active for a short period of time, and then remain dormant in your body.

Shingles is another of infection that is caused by the herpes zoster virus. The symptoms cover uncomfortable and painful rashes over your body. This virus is the major cause of chicken pox, that children suffer from. Although you treat chicken pox completely, the virus is known to remain dormant in your body, because of which you can be at a risk of developing shingles in your adult life. Shingles as such is not a contagious infection. But if a person has not had chicken pox in their childhood, then they can contract chicken pox if they come in contact with a person who is having active symptoms of shingles.

Another infection caused by the herpes simplex virus is cold sores, which is actually caused by a different strain of the virus than the one that causes genital herpes. The major symptoms of cold sores include fluid filled blisters that appear near your mouth. Cold sores are extremely contagious and you can contract the infection through cold physical contact with the infected area. You can also contract the infection by sharing a toothbrush or a razor that is used by the infected person. This is one of the most widely spreading form of herpesFree Web Content, and is usually prepared by people when they are young. But the symptoms usually develop in their adult life. You can also contract the infection in your adult life and develop symptoms a few weeks later.

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