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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Insight into Cold & Cough Home Remedies

A dripping nose and a few sneezes here and there are the symptoms of cold and cough and are a common sight with the busy and hectic lives that people live nowadays.

People follow such busy schedules to achieve their professional goals that they conveniently lose out on their health concerns. Cough home remedies are several but that does not cover up for missing meals and irregular work out plans that have become extremely common. All this, gives nothing but, a toll to ones immune system that tends to weaken up immensely. The first ones to attack this fragile immune system are the rhinoviruses. This set of rhinoviruses get into the cells lining your nose and begin to reproduce that leads to a runny nose, sore throat and cough.

Cold and cough home remedies majorly include fish oil as the major source of vitamins that help fight the viruses. It is important to know that cold and cough never arise from the cold weather but they indeed spread through the same, with the fact that cold weather causes people to congregate together indoors. Cold and cough generally arrive through other people who carry this virus. Closed surroundings increase the chances to spread this virus either directly or indirectly. Just a simple hand shake or turning the door knob can transfer this virus onto our hands and then to your nose and eyes where it begins to reproduce itself. Alternative medicine has advanced to offer safe options to treat health ailments. Antibiotics are known to leave behind several side effects on your body while they fight against the viruses, which can tried to be avoided, and especially for something like cold and cough, home remedies can work the best!

The first step to making use of alternative medicine is to understand the nature of the disease. While suffering from cold and cough, the immune system opens up blood vessels through swelling and also amplifies the mucus secretions. These two processes give rise to the runny nose and the stuffy feeling. The irritation caused by the virus and all of the fluid, causes sneezing. If the virus makes it into the cells lining the lungs, then they start producing fluid and mucus as well that produces cough.

Once being exposed to the process of how cold and cough grips your body and immune system, it is essential to know how to prevent yourself from these viruses by making use of some cold and Cough home remedies. Firstly, it is immensely essential to maintain a strong and healthy immune system that can battle all the viruses, for which, having the right food and working out the right way is a must. Secondly, it is also important to practice good hygiene to prevent yourself from cold and cough. Like we know this virus spreads through physical contact, one must make sure to wash their hands properly after being around a person suffering by cold or cough. Moreover, following a nutritious diet is as essential as it is to control your stress levels to strengthen your immune system. Stress smothers ones immune systems and exposes the body to several other infections.

We Indians are also blessed with several natural remedies to prevent ourselves from such infections. Fish oil contains rich proportions of vitamin A and vitamin D that help strengthening the immune system. Fish oil works as an amazing Alternative medicine that helps in relief from minor health issues. Several other home remedies help loosen the mucus, smoothen the irritated membranes and suppresses cough. However, they do not cover up for inadequate sleep, less consumption of nutritious food and lack of fluid intake. The remedies only help the immune to give a tough fight to the infections and battle them off your body successfully. Like we have heard ever since our childhood, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ - it is essential to implement a few preventive measures against such viruses instead of allowing your body to fall prey to infections like cold and cough.

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