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Monday, November 12, 2018
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Is DNA Testing In America Today Reliable?

DNA testing can determine issues of vital importance to every American. Your freedom and parenthood can be given and taken away by DNA test results. But, can we really believe them to be true?

DNA is present in nearly every cell of not only the human body but in all living things. The DNA is stored in the nucleus, which is regarded as the brain center of the cell, and if each DNA were unraveled from its spaghetti like structure it would stand nearly as high as a man. DNA is often referred to as the molecule of heredity, as this DNA is responsible for the genetic propagation of most inherited traits.

This is why DNA testing is used so successfully in forensic identification, or identifying or exonerating persons of crimes. DNA testing has also made it possible to positively identify victims of natural disasters, which may have been impossible through any other ways. Many unsolved crimes are being reinvestigated if DNA samples are available. Often enough, a new culprit is found, and when the case goes before the courts, he or she is found guilty. Can you cheat a DNA test? Not easily. But, some people try.

At the same time, more and more people sitting in jails are freed, because DNA evidence indicates their innocence.

Because the DNA sequences are unique to a type of species, DNA has been used to prove the genealogy of individuals and groups of people. But it doesn't stop there, due to the fact that any type of organism can be identified by examining the DNA, this technology is being used to identify endangered and protected species of wildlife, and to detect bacteria and other organisms that may pollute our air, water, soil or food. DNA testing is also used for organ transplant programs in matching donors to recipients.

The DNA issue has become one of those issues that have raised much controversy over the past few years as the technology advances, which it is doing at a rapid pace. Some people find that keeping DNA on file is an infringement of civil liberties, as it is not as simple as a mere fingerprint. DNA has that person's whole blueprint stored, such as ethnic group, hair color, family lineage etc.

DNA has proved invaluable in proving paternity cases, either before the courts or as the latest trend shows for individuals who buy a DNA do it yourself kit where they take a swab inside the cheek and send the sample away for testing. It also opened it to manipulations, with some dishonest people trying to manipulate, or cheat a DNA test.

This is quite easily done by substituting DNA blood test sample. Law authorities are trying to implement more reliable systems constantly. This is very welcomed news especially for difficult cases of parenthood and serious crimes.

Tracing ancestral origins through DNA testing has unlocked the door to many who had come to the end of the road in assembling their family tree. DNA is being used to determine Native American or Jewish ancestryFree Reprint Articles, and DNA is able to confirm paternal and maternal lineage for both males and females. The genealogy driven DNA testing has proven to be just one of the countless many areas that are now available since the secrets of DNA have begun to be unlocked.

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DNA testing holds many puzzles for Sam Ness. His website tries to aid those seeking truth.

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