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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Is it true that prostate cancer surgery leads to impotence?

There are various medications available on market, which aid in treating erectile dysfunction effectively. Many people think that radiations emitted during a prostate cancer surgery are responsible for causing impotence, but it is not so. Radiations are only responsible for breaking down cancer cells.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a health condition, which is caused by numerous causes. Impotence affects most men at some point of time in their lives. Although, it can occur at any age, old men are more susceptible to it than young men. It affects a man's self esteem and leads to frustration and performance anxiety. This health condition is dreaded by all men. ED is not just matter of sexual health for men. Most of them think that they are not manly enough if they don't perform well in bed. This proves to be a blow to their ego. It may ruin a relationship as the other partner starts feeling that she is not good in bed and that is the reason her man is not able to achieve an erection and make love. This problem should be treated before it takes a toll on their relationship.

Impotence is not an uncommon health condition and more than 10% of men are affected by it at some time. It is caused by certain health problems, medications and surgeries. Addictions and common health problems such as diabetes and stroke are also contributing factors in causing ED.

Prostate cancer surgery and impotence

Surgery of prostate cancer is known to cause ED. Chemotherapy and cancer related surgeries are known to lead to development of ED amongst most patients, if not all. Some doctors think that frequent use of radiations on the body results in ED. While it has been argued that the radiations used for prostate cancer are only used to break down cancer tumours, most doctors still believe that these radiations are responsible for causing impotence, but there is no concrete evidence to prove this claim. The exact cause of this phenomenon is not yet known but cancer related surgeries are known to lead to impotence, especially surgery for prostate cancer.


Even if you have ED, you can control it by using medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These medications are not only effective but fast and reliable. All you have to do is take a pill before an hour of the sexual activity and get prepared for action. A combination therapy is considered as the best treatment option. It is a combination of such drugs and counselling, which leads to both, mental as well as physical recovery. It should be noted that talking with your partner will also help you solve the problem. Effective communication is the cornerstone of a good married life. If you are unable to share your problems and apprehensions with your partner, it may lead to more problem in the future. Talk  with your partner about your intimate problems and try to know her problems also. This leads to a healthy environment and you can create a win win situation and helps both partners. Impotence can be treatedPsychology Articles, if you choose to take wise decisions and not fall prey to popular ideologies like cancer radiations causing this health condition.

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