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Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Lifewave patches and adult stem cells.

Product Spotlight-LiveWave Patches   Linda Rubin, vice-president and co-owner of Your Health 321, LLC ( is involved with natural health for horses.  In her travels ...

Product Spotlight-LiveWave Patches


Linda Rubin, vice-president and co-owner of Your Health 321, LLC ( is involved with natural health for horses.  In her travels she occasionally comes in contact with something new that may complement the products she already uses.  When she heard about how happy one of her StemEQUINE distributors was when she used the LifeWave Patches on her barrel racing horse Linda decided to research the product herself.  After reading quite a few studies and watching a 46 minute video of a vet demonstrating the patches on horses she was convinced she needed to add the LifeWave Patches to her product line of StemEQUINE, StemFLO, Silver Lining Herbs, and Diatomaceous Earth.  LifeWave Patches are nontransdermal disposable thermal patches that exert their effects through noninvasive mechanisms based on the specific reflection of certain frequencies of infrared (heat) back into the body.  The patches are constructed from organic materials which are all GRAS listed (Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA) and sealed inside a polymer shell.   These organic materials have both optical and electrically conductive properties.    The “IceWave” pain patches come in sets of two.  The white patch contains organic structures with thermomagnet levoratatory action (electrically positive) with the tan patch containing thermomagnetic dextrorotarory action (electrically negative).  By placing the thin patches (approximately the size of a quarter) on the horse’s body over specific acupuncture points the electron flow, along with the passive thermomagnetic frequency modulation, provides the horse with pain relief along with increased energy and stamina within a short period of time.  A study in the Journal for the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association showed the LifeWave Patches consistently alleviated back pain in horses when assessed by acupuncture palpation.  The patches were limited to 5-minute periods for this study.  Increased stamina, more brilliance in the show arena, improvement in jumping, increased energy during strenuous exercise and faster recovery after strenuous exercise was reported by users.  


What also intrigued Linda was the double-blind placebo controlled bench press study done at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia with a group of 44 college football players where the LifeWave Group experienced an average increase in strength endurance of 34% at the end of the study.   The Control Group experienced an increase of 2.3% and the Placebo Group 4.9%.  The bench press test was performed immediately after the athletes completed an intense 60-minute upper body workout.


 “Horses have experienced increased stamina, energy and recovery from using our StemEQUINE protocol where 3 to 4 million additional adult stem cells are released from the bone marrow to migrate to the weakest part of the body already” Linda states. “Combining the LifeWave Patches to direct the adult stem cells to the specific area at a much faster rate makes such an impact on the healing process of the horse.  This is accomplished by passive infrared signals caused by local thermal changes in the skin and broader thermal changes activating the autonomic nervous system controlling contraction and relaxation of the blood vesselsFree Reprint Articles, propelling the adult stem cells to the exact location.  The same process takes place when using the LifeWave Energy Patch on the horse.  We couldn’t be happier with what we call the ‘perfect marriage’ of energy and adult stem cells!”  LifeWave Patches are used successfully by professional athletes and Olympians worldwide.  You can find more information on LifeWave Patches by going to Linda’s website at  For more information on StemEQUINE and adult stem cells check out




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My business partner and I are always on the lookout for new products to help keep humans and animals healthy.  I am a certified equine iridologist.  I have been in natural health care for 15 years.

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