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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Maintaining your diet when you are suffering from knee Osteoarthritis: Part 1

It is true that there is no such thing as an osteoarthritis diet. But if you eat some anti-inflammatory food this can surely help. This can ease the pain, stiffness, and other symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.


Though it may sound weird when it’s said to maintain a proper diet if you are suffering from knee osteoarthritis, but the truth is that certain dietary maintenance can actually help you a lot. But before you get started with this plan you must consult your doctor or registered dietitian for tips and approval.


They may also help you with the guidance on what to eat to ease the pain and swelling as well maintain a healthy weight. Eating in a proper manner not only helps you ease the inflammation and pain, but also allows you to maintain a healthy weight which is very important in osteoarthritis knee. Though everyone may not need to lose weight if suffering from osteoarthritis, but in case you are overweight, getting to a healthier weight by eating well can be very beneficial.


Herein below is the list of foods that you may eat to help ease knee Osteoarthritis problems:


Vitamin-D rich foods- Vitamin D rich foods are very good and helpful for people suffering from this problem. These foods are like eggs, mushrooms, and fortified foods like orange juice and breakfast cereals.

They help you manage OA-related pains. Taking vitamin D rich foods for more than once a day or a daily supplement intake can help you immensely.


A lot of fruits and vegetables- Fruits and vegetables are said to be extremely good for health. They are rich in minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals, which help you fight joint pain and swelling. Remember that the more colorful and variety of fruits and vegetables you take, you would get more results. Include them in your breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner. Some of the fruits and vegetables, which bear anti-inflammatory benefits are like carrots, spinach, red grapes and blueberries.


Some of the spices- Some of the spices like ginger, turmeric, dried chili peppers and cinnamon can help ease knee Osteoarthritis symptoms. They also are said to have anti-inflammatory effects on the body which helps reduce swelling and stiffness as well. So use these spices as much as you can in your daily meals as they are having nice flavors and doesn’t even add up any extra calories.


Omega-3 fatty acids- Eat food which contains omega-3 fatty acids because these acids help reduce inflammation and pain. They help ease sore and achy joints. Food products like fish, such as salmon is one of the examples of omega-3 fatty acid rich food. Any other food item that you can eat are walnutsFeature Articles, olive oil and flax-seed. You may also take omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Eating a serving of omega-3s at least once a day would surely be helpful to ease problems of osteoarthritis knee.

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Martin Luther has visited many pain relief therapy centers around Australia. During his visits he interviewed many healthcare professionals, according to them people suffering from osteoarthritis knee in Melbourne should eat some particular type of food that would help ease their pain and swellings up to a great extent.

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