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Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Make Your Own Velvet

All lining joint request packet seam. By the order of hat and sleeve, fold them toward back. Ordinary woven fabric with anti flannel. Down the sewing process has its own specialty.

Cutting: Color camouflage fabrics to recover.
In face cholesterol mine feeding requirements by edition CD, not missing pieces, pieces of.
Plus cotton parts: 100g loose cotton: hat in × 1, cap piece × 2; 200g cotton: collar; 100g needles: 1 / 2 small collar, placket, 1 / 2 pocket mouth × 2Plus gall material parts: placket, pocket mouth, small collar, and collar.
Production steps|Plus cholesterol mine feeding site: fly, pocket mouth, small collar, collar,Reference lines like clothing and drawings|Line reference samples and drawings}.
From 11 - 13-pin pin / 3cm open air track, 12-14-pin / 3cm dark trace. Commissural with a 11 # needle, wire needle with a 9 #.
Along the color line, and body surface line.
All parts to be straight line, sewing thread trace 30cm may not have two single hop and continuous stitch, stitch does not allow skipping. Surface, bottom line should be tight, landing to fight back needle.
Surface, bottom line should be tight, landing to fight back needle. Chouse line and the shoulder seam on the seam.
Steam eyes with color across the mattress.
A large zipper requirements for smooth, not fire. Placket chain pull head asked Zola to right insert, editor of 0.1cm line.
Main label, trumpet nails in it after; washing superscript in it the left side seam of 1 / 2 standard.
All the required packages in the sub-seam seam.
Pocket 1CM decorative line after the line first filling cashmere series.
Cotton cloth hat on, circle of 0.1cm lines, 0.1+2.5cm lines before export hat. Hat bottom port 0.1 open. Cap seam strip. In particular, line drawing.
Shoulder, axils, pocket cloth and tape.
Semi finished products must be small iron, ironing smooth, without Aurora.
Other specific practice reference sample
All garments must be steam ironing, semi-finished cars cage small hot.
Wireless head, no oil, no powder trace No debris inside pocket. Neat, clean, smooth. Tidy, clean, smooth.Suture requires ironing hot uniform, no aurora|Suture ironing uniform requirements, no Aurora}.
Package:According to the caps, sleeves and back off the order sheet, clothing and body to fold back.
Packaging, logo, etc. in order to play according to Quit, Li-ping, buckle at the zipper top.
According to the ratio of packing, required clothing folded neatly and evenly.
The box must be marked section number, name, shape, color, quantity, unit of production.
Tag Water washes to sub-paragraph number, color number, shape and so on. Indicate the number of inspectors, the total check number, the gray or white duck down duck down and so on.
Down materials are mainly down and coated fabrics. The feather: pinnacle and cashmere child (also known as the red velvet ) mixture} Use of duck and goose hair, by the washing of separating the pinnule and cashmere child as eider down wadding . There are two kinds of feather gray and white are preferred. Down clothing quality and cashmere filling volume and related with cashmere. Down refers to a charge down the amount of down into the flock weight expressed in grams, usually about 250 grams, less filling velvet, warm and bad; cashmere velvet refers to the child down in the content, expressed as a percentage, usually with down the amount of 50 to 80%. With cashmere high, is of good quality. Because cashmere to make human body heat dissipation is not easy, and soft to the touch, but when pressed and when wet easily after the timely muster, and pinnacles now can make clothes to keep clothes fluffy muster more air, is helpful to keep warm, but the pinnacle much heat easily, Diaspora, and Mao Gang. . So down the child must be eclectic and penniless, the proportion of properly. a use warp and weft density coated fabric silk, cotton, Cotton and other fabrics, the rolling pressure processing, the narrow gap between the warp and weft yarn, coated with polymer slurry, so that cross-linked with the formation of transparent fabric coating cover, to close the gap warp and weft fabric Some of the inclusion of fluorine in the phosphate slurry coating resin or silicone water repellent, the fabric has anti-dew down, the performance of seepage water. Nineteen eighties has not coated special ultra high density fabric can also play a dew proof cashmere, impervious to water and air permeable effect. Din House, Din cards, cotton is a hard class, wearing a flat; real Sitar poplin, taffeta is a soft type, soft and comfortable to wear.
Down classification:Down is generally based on the source can be divided into goose and duck down, according to color into white cashmere and gray velvet, of course, in addition, there are Icelandic eider production of black velvet, and so on. Relatively speaking, better down from larger, more mature birds, therefore velvet will slightly better on the duck down . From the color of speaking, white cashmere because it is white, can be used for light fabric instead of translucent colorArticle Search, a grey flannel is more popular.

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