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Friday, September 24, 2021
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Naturally Therapeutic Pain Relief

Pain. What is pain? Is pain merely a series of electrical currents, perceived as an unpleasant force, that silently but quickly travels through our bodies in different affected areas? Well, pretty much, on a purely scientific level, this is exactly what pain is. There are natural ways that you can relieve pain effectively without drugs.

Pain. What is pain? Is pain merely a series of electrical currents, perceived as an unpleasant sensation, which silently but quickly travel through our body where there has been some sort of trauma? Well, pretty much, on a purely scientific level, this is exactly what pain is.

Inflammation and other injuries cause pressure. This pressure in turn affects the surrounding nerve endings, which send signals (like electric currents, if you will, as an analogy) to the brain that are translated into something we all know as pain and discomfort.

No one wants to be in pain, whether it be the dull, throbbing kind that often comes with muscle injuries or the sharp, sudden pain that can come from deeper, more severe damage that has actually affected nerve endings.

Either way, drug companies have definitely capitalized on the fact that we do not relish the idea of living in pain, even moderate, consistent pain, and narcotic and over the counter pain relievers have enjoyed hefty sales since their introduction to market. But are there ways, more natural and healthier ways, to effectively treat and alleviate pain?Yes, there are, and not only do they usually have other health benefits besides the obvious one of relieving pain, but they also have long term implications in your life as a pain free, healthy and productive person.

The first naturally therapeutic method for relieving pain, which has actually been used in Asian countries for thousands of years, and many people find highly effective, is called acupuncture. Acupuncture, and acupressure, are two different practices which apply the concept of pressure points and nerve manipulation.

Acupuncture actually "punctures" the skin with special tiny needles, which penetrate to a precise level beneath the dermis to cause a manipulation of nerve endings which are supposedly housed in specific locations on the body and whose location is known only by experienced practitioners.

The same concept applies with acupressure, but only no needles are used, and there is no puncturing of the skin and penetration, but instead a pressure is applied to these areas where the nerve endings are housed which are causing the specific pain a person is experiencing.

Two other natural therapies for pain relief are slow moving exercises which focus on smooth, even breathing. Even breathing techniques combined with stretching and slower, graceful movements can really help to increase the circulation, decrease muscle tensions, increase the endorphins (pleasure chemicals) circulating, and mitigate any feelings of pain that are going on in the body.

Examples of this are yoga, tai chi, and pilates. Strengthening the body also can help to relieve pain by increasing the muscle strengthBusiness Management Articles, and helping to counteract weak muscles which lead to pain as well as damaged nerves endings.

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