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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Nutritional Supplements - a Dime a Dozen?

The biggest trend of the new millennium is quickly gaining speed. It’s being talked about on TV, in magazines, and at the office. What is this explosive trend? It is, of course, the health & wellness industry.

The health & wellness industry currently is a $200 billion dollar industry projected to be $1 trillion by the year 2010. And just as deregulated telecom was the hit of the 1980’s and personal computers were the hit of the 1990’s, health & wellness will be the hit of this millennium!The health & wellness industry currently is a $200 billion dollar industry projected to be $1 trillion by the year 2010. And just as deregulated telecom was the hit of the 1980’s and personal computers were the hit of the 1990’s, health & wellness will be the hit of this millennium!

Why? Baby boomers are aging! And as they desire to regain their youth and defy the aging process, they’re turning their attention and dollars to wellness products. However, with all this attention, it’s not only the ‘boomers’ who are gaining an interest, but their children and parents as well. As a result, the demand for health & wellness products and services is exploding. More supplements are consumed today than ever before. More health club memberships… more health-related books and self-help guides… more health-related infomercials… ALL MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. Yet the condition of health in America continues to worsen.

Simply stated, people are still seeking a solution.  And there is plentiful solutions available!  From vitamin pills to whole food supplements, many companies are marketing products aimed at the health-conscious.  However, there is one product that is catching worldwide attention – it is called Vibe. Vibe is a ground-breaking nutraceutical product. It consists of bio-available minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients - assembled together in liquid form for rapid absorbancy. Vibe is the most comprehensive answer to the body's need for life-giving nutrients. It provides a convenient, great tasting, economical, and powerful way to receive balanced nutrition for vibrant living.

Using technology, VIBE is the first liquid product able to provide FOUR potent and exclusive anti-aging blends in an ALL-IN-ONE formulation. Synergized together, these 4 blends represent the most potent and exclusive solution for individuals looking to manage and overcome the aging process. Each bottle of Vibe incorporates innovative science and technology!

VIBE's formula begins with USP23 pharmaceutical grade water. The water molecules are then enhanced using Eniva's unique process, called Structured Water Technology.™ A powerful magnetic field design, many times the strength of the earth's own magnetic field, is used. Water normally has polar bonds, which in the presence of a magnetic field, are modified. It is a process that "structures" and further purifies the water, resulting in:
- Modified bond angles
- Enhanced electrical and physical properties
- 3-Dimensional structuring

Eniva's breakthrough technology is based on nature's intricate design of putting nutrients into a form our bodies can effectively use. These technologies have several properties:
- Water and fat-soluble nutrients in perfect aqueous solution
- Mineral particles with an electrical charge, referred to as ionic
- Nutrients that are cell-ready or in the proper size to be absorbed into the cells of the body, not just the bloodstream
- Bioactivated - enhanced processing based on the physiology of the human digestive system

Science has revealed that every substance and organism operates within a particular frequency. High frequency forms generally have a higher strength and wellness quotient than those at a low frequency. Eniva has studied this amazing phenomenon and pioneered a process whereby vibrational energy is applied, penetrating the solution and resulting in:
- Enhanced stability
- Increased solubility
- Improved composition & effectiveness

Now imagine a technology with a degree of impact surpassing all other wellness products. Imagine an opportunity allowing you to capitalize on this exploding marketplace.  And think of the “timing” to benefit from this extraordinary combination of breakthrough technology and significant financial opportunity to create a lifestyle of independence and success If you’re ready to turn imagination into reality, it’s time to discover Vibe. Visit to learn more about VibeFind Article, and try a bottle for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

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Adrian Herritt is an established Online Marketer and Writer. A Father of three, he lives in the Tennessee Valley. You can learn more about Vibe by visiting

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