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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Osteopathic Manipulation Study - An Interview with Dr. Miriam V. Mills

Osteopathic Manipulation Study - An Interview with Dr. Miriam V. Millsby Lady Camelot Recently, I had the unique privilege to interview Miriam V. Mills, (M.D., FAAP) from the Young People's Clinic in ...

Osteopathic Manipulation Study - An Interview with Dr. Miriam V. Mills
by Lady Camelot

Recently, I had the unique privilege to interview Miriam V. Mills, (M.D., FAAP) from the Young People's Clinic in Tulsa, OK. Dr. Mills is credited for directing the landmark research project (at the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine) on the study of Osteopathic manipulative treatment for ear infections in children. The study was first publicized in the MD (allopathic) literature and more recently in the Sept 2003 issue of the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Dr. Mills remarked: "Osteopathic manipulative treatment was developed by Andrew Taylor Still (who was himself an MD, but who established osteopathy) over 100 years ago. One of his students, William Garner Sutherland, expanded the manipulative treatments to include the head and related structures, which is called osteopathy in the cranial field. There is not one "technique" that is used, but a variety of approaches, depending on the problem encountered. This has been taught for over 50 years. The experience of most practitioners of these methods find remarkable benefit from them, though there has been little in the literature to document these experiences.

I am a pediatrician in private practice (Young People's Clinic, PC, in Tulsa, OK (, and I find that in my general pediatric practice, having used these manipulative techniques for the last 10 years (as am MD, I learned these techniques after being in practice already awhile), I have less problems with colic and feeding problems, headaches, ear infections, and complications of upper and lower respiratory infections. I admit fewer children to the hospital and have to refer fewer children for sub-specialist care than my pediatric colleagues.

Since the development of osteopathy in the cranial field, other practitioners (including chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists) have utilized some of the same methods, going by the name of `cranio-sacral therapy.' I cannot vouch for exactly what these methods are, or their effectiveness, as they are not what was studied in my research."

According to Dr. Mills, the study was performed under controlled, blinded groups of children across four (4) sites in the nation. Of these groups, 32 children were in the control group and 25 were in the treatment group. The study produced phenomenal findings. The culmination of a six-month observation period demonstrated that there was a statistically significant difference in (within treatment group) episodic ear infections.

Of the control group, 8 children reverted to tube installation as opposed to 1 in the treatment group. Dr. Mills explained, "...There was a trend, though not quite statistically significant, to having fewer antibiotics prescribed to children in the treatment group."

As indicated by Dr. Mills, sessions with children can last from 20-40 minutes, and can take 3-4 sessions every 2 weeks to see a notable difference. In Dr. Mills' own practice, children are seen periodically over 4-6 month duration to be certain that these children are responding well to the treatment. Osteopathic manipulation treatment can range in cost from $75 - $150, depending on individual needs. As children develop and incur physical changes or injuries with relation to body tissues, this observation period is necessary. Dr. Mills further explained that most initial compressions are results from childbirth.

Collaborative efforts of the research team documented a comparison of children who received conventional medical treatment (with or without manipulation). To Dr. Mills' knowledge, there has not been a comparison study of osteopathic manipulation (alone) to medical treatment (alone). However, the Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment did present a remarkably decreased need for surgical treatment in the reported study.

Osteopathic Manipulation is a noninvasive treatment that is mild and accepted well. Dr. Mills commented, "...though the children sometimes need to be distracted with toys in order to lie still for the length of time involved. There is no popping or cracking involved in the treatment, when applied to young children."

Osteopathic practitioners who are involved in the cranial field are doctors or dentists who are most often members of the Cranial Academy ( Dr. Mills also relayed that nationwide demand for Osteopathic medicine is immense, therefore more interest in this field is prompting physicians to receive adequate training.

Based on these findings, one can only naturally assume that osteopathic manipulation treatment is a welcomed alternative innovation within the medical community. As society is realizing the potential benefits and effectiveness of natural medicine and noninvasive medical procedures, Osteopathic Manipulation is gaining lead-way in modern health treatments - especially for chronic ailment sufferers.

If you are interested in obtaining assistance in finding an Osteopathic Physician who readily practices in the cranial field, feel free to peruse our business directory for an Osteopathic Physician near you today.

To learn more about Dr. Miriam V. Mills' Practice, go to:

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