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Thursday, December 3, 2020
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The unpredictable nature of life is something we all are always curious about. The lavishing privilege for some, while hardships and distress for another. And to be a woman in this heartless world requires utmost creation.


But does that mean, being a woman is a curse in this world? The answer is a straight NO! 

Women are among the best and thrilling creatures alive on the earth due to one of the most important abilities they possess. The ability to give birth to a new human being to this land. Though, this ability can evolve into a curse, if the pregnancy is unwanted and unplanned. 

As humans being a social animal, there are several norms set by the ancestors which have taken a different approach in this new way of the world. These rigid and patriarchal norms are orthodoxy in the given time and require an absolute change. A woman can only give birth to a child if she desires because of the basic motive of her nurturing the child lifetime. 

Though, this is possible for a happily married woman. Yet, what if the cause of pregnancy is some unfortunate event? What if the pregnancy is a result of failed pills or condoms? What if early pregnancy is due to a lack of sex education? There are a lot of reasons a woman can fall into this natural phase. 

The complication arises when one is limiting herself for an unwanted pregnancy due to the typical norms and conditions of society. In India, abortion is legal. The law permits abortion for any circumstances that fall under the predetermined ones. The existing circumstances in which one can go for abortion in India are as follows:

  • If the pregnancy is due to unfortunate situations. (Rape, sexual assault, and so on)
  • If the pregnancy is due to failed contraceptives.
  • If the pregnancy has a substantial risk for continuing the pregnancy to the child as well as the soon-to-be-mother.
  • If the pregnancy can lead to a major drawback to the woman involved.

Due to the reason of considering abortion as a taboo in several parts of India, the complications tend to rise as the information about abortion hospitals in India and several things pertaining to it comes to a halt. And still, the question remains. “Where to get an abortion?”

There are very few officially stated medical institutes that provide abortions despite the personal opinion of the doctor. The opinion of the doctor is secondary as compared to the woman bearing a child, and the major flaw of the system is that medical practitioners contribute to the norms of the society neglecting the facts of reality grounds of the women involved. 

Medical support should be used to eradicate problems rather than creating more. Yet, this flaw has generated a rise in illegal practices of abortion vividly in India. The stage of early pregnancy abortion is also considered to be the utmost shame a girl can go through. The highly recorded illegal abortion in India is the early pregnancy abortion. This rise of illegal practices has several heinous counter-reactions to the girl involved. 

And this needs to stop! In the 21st century, a woman or a girl does not require to shy away from standing for herself before the orthodox norms. So, here we are introducing you to one of the safest medically legal abortion centres in India where you can avail of all the requirements feasible.

Vardaan hospital is one of the safest medical institutions for an early pregnancy abortion or any unwanted abortions. Here, the patient is given all the treatments and support possible for her well-being under the consent of her parents or guardians. If the girl is willingly desiring to keep the child at her teenage phase, Vardaan hospital has services for that as well. Such as

  • Balancing pregnancy with school and relationships.
  • Healthy habits during pregnancy.
  • Talking to loved ones about pregnancy.
  • Motherhood.
  • New-born care.

The change begins with one individual. And if this article reaches even a single person, we count it as our success. So, the next time someone around asks you, “Where to get an abortion?” you know the answer well and good. 

This article serves only one purpose, that isArticle Submission, but to normalize early pregnancy abortion or any other unwanted abortions for the safety of the woman involved. 

Acceptance and understanding other humans are the key to a better world.

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 As I earlier mentioned "Health is Wealth" until and unless a person is not in good shape they cannot work to achieve their desired goals and a good health cannot be attained untill a person has a good doctor.

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