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Friday, November 24, 2017
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Do you want to switch to contact lenses from glasses, but you're not sure if contact lenses are safe or if caring for them is too much of a hassle? Or do you wear contacts already and want to make sur...
If you work in an office, do your eyes hurt by the end of the working day? You aren't alone: about 88% of all people who work with computers experience a type of eyestrain known as Computer Vision Syn...
Today, there are numerous weight loss products available in the market and over the internet. The basic question that gnaws a common individual is about the efficacy of these pills. “Are all these pro...
What is your feeling today? Do you feel happy or sorrow?Feeling, I can say is the most important factor in our life. Don't you agree? When our mood is low, it affects our work and health.
The dust mite's mouth parts are grouped in front of the body, resembling a head. Their body is oval and covered with fine striations. Their eight tiny legs have small sticky pads which enable them to ...
In addition to the visual habit patterns, eyesight is influenced by three other factors.
Question : I AM a healthy, single woman aged 42. I had an operation to remove my uterine fibroid as well my uterus, but I still experience some blood flow a few days every month. The doctor gave me an...
Question : I HAVE been suffering from several health problems for more than three years. There's a white coating under my tongue. I also have joint pains, digestive disorders and problems urinating. I...
Nike Free does not think so; and neither should you. Read on to find out why this concerns every one of us, our health and a good deal of wasted money. This is not a story of the Nike Free shoe; it’s ...
A Dallas elementary school principal discovers a new type of dietary supplement that increases concentration and grades in her school kids. The school's academic standing rises from one of the worst t...
Diabetes is a condition where the body, or to be precise the pancreas, loses its ability to create insulin, the chemical necessary to regulate blood sugar levels.
Obesity, especially in children, is a matter of rapidly growing concern in the United States. For the first time in decades, we are projecting a decline in life expectancy for the current generation o...
Addictions come in many forms. It’s important to recognize the signs of addictions in order to seek out help before the problem becomes to large.
You've been getting headaches. Finally, you find some medications that are making a difference. You're headaches are almost all gone – but wait – they're coming back! They're getting worse! The painki...
Insomnia does not necessarily mean that you can not get any sleep. More specifically, people with insomnia may just have a hard time going to sleep or wake up during the night or just feel that their ...

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