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Friday, August 14, 2020
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Pepper and capsaicin extraction method

Pepper is fruit of solanaceae pepper. Pepper’s stems, roots also for medicinal purposes. Picking fruit usually in 7-10 months. Pepper as the drugs and spices have been hundreds of years history. 

Nearly 1/4 of the world's population often eat it. China is one of the earliest country use the pepper as pharmaceutical raw materials. Chinese medicine use chili to treat stomach cold, rheumatism embolism. Pepper’s cultivation throughout the world. Collectively referred to as Capsicum, due to the different origin of its name there are many different names, strong spicy in Africa, India and China called chillies, produced in Spain, Hungary, the low degree of spicy chili called paparika, spiciness between the two is known as red peppers. The Chinese pepper planting large country, there are five to six million acres of peppers. In China, there are divided Fujian millet chili, Sichuan pod pepper, southern claw pepper, Henan cherry pepper, Shandong red peppers, etc. Its spicy content due to the different origin of chili and the different parts of pepper are different. Generally the fruit endodermal block organization and diaphragm organizations. The high content of peel middle, and picking time and save different methods in different periods can influence the content of capsaicin. Spicy ingredients contained in the pepper fruit of capsaicin, is dihydro-capsaicin, high capsaicin, high-dihydro capsaicin, octanoyl of Vanilla amine, pigment cryptoxanthin, capsanthin the trace Capsorubin, carotene, containing vitamin C, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid and so on. The depth development of new products about chili and applications in medicine and health care is gradually being recognized. In Mexican, a chili enterprise with annual sales of up to 4 billion RMB. In the United States, researchers extract capsaicin from the pepper, can be used for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anesthetic, and drug treatment. The price of one kilogram of high purity capsaicin can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

The preparation method of capsaicin manufacturer extract capsaicin: (1) extract from natural Pepper system, early capsaicin extract from dry red pepper, extraction with an organic solvent after crushing, and concentrated to give a dark red to orange red oily liquid. Ether extract color darker than ethanol extraction of color, a little sticky. This oil collectively called as capsicum oleoresin in the international market. Its main ingredient is capsaicin, dihydro-capsaicin, Are two dihydro capsaicin, high dihydropyridine capsaicin, capsanthin, carrot pigment, and citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, and other ingredients. Usually accounts for about 1% of the weight of dried fruit. The Oleoresin Capsicum through diethyl ether, dilute ethanol, and an aqueous alkaline solution, or concentrated further extracted with petroleum ether, dichloroethane, etc. solvent, crystallized from petroleum ether or n-oxide crystallization can be obtained crude capsaicin. Using gas chromatographic to analysis the crude capsaicin crystalline component. Which accounted for 76% -96% capsaicin and dihydro pepper alkali content. The researchers used high-concentration ethanol extraction capsanthin, a low concentration of ethanol extract of capsaicin. Capsaicin of 6% to 8% and 3% to 4% of capsanthin were extracted from the dried chili. First they use a low concentration of ethanol extracted from dried chili powder, pepper oleoresin capsaicin solution. The capsaicin solution was concentrated to give the crude product of capsaicin. The process is simple, low cost, the use of acetone, petroleum ether, 95% Ethanol capsicum oleoresin and the solvent as a result, and then ether to give the crude crystalline capsaicin, and purified by column chromatography on silica gel to give the pure product of capsaicin. Was also a direct high yield capsaicin extracted from fresh green chili. The fresh chilli powder pulverized frozen, and dried with acetone, ether, aqueous methanol, and an aqueous alkaline solution extract capsicum oleoresin, get a capsaicin crude in ether. Get pure capsaicin from Petroleum ether and recrystallized. Yield was 1.12% of the dried chili. (2) Preparation from biological cell cultivating. The capsaicin research in many countries was no longer satisfied with the system from natural pepper capsaicin, but use of a biological cell technology to produce more and faster capsaicin. Researchers from natural pepper meat-like body, the cells will be taken by its embedding and fixed, was suspended in 5 liters of an aqueous culture liquid, after 32 days the pepper alkali content is achieve a high degree, if extend the incubation time, chili alkali content will increase. (3) chemical synthesis methods take high purity capsaicin is very difficult due to the natural pepper have many analogues of capsaicin. People trying to get a successful synthetic capsaicin. Researchers use triphenylphosphine and 6 - bromo-acid as raw materials. Through four-step reaction, the synthesis of a sample of the extract obtained is identical to the pure capsaicin. The total yield is 26.6%.


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