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Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Pepper can relieve pain and keep out the cold

Pepper is native to Mexico, Peru area, belong to solanaceae. Prone to variation, so the varieties is mixed, and pepper color is very beautiful, also often used as ornamental purposes. 

In fact, chili itself is not just spicy, it has a sweet taste and special aroma, so it not only can be used as a condiment, even themselves can be used as the main dishes, the most obvious example is the Mexico using different varieties of fresh pepper, plus onions and other fresh vegetables made salad dressing, Mexico cake sandwich, has become the staple food of Mexicans.

Pepper not only can be used as main dishes or condiments, often used as pharmaceutical raw materials in traditional Chinese medicine. In the classification of the traditional Chinese medicine, peppers is belong to warm and hot spice, slightly toxic, into spleen, stomach, lung and kidney, by the ancient Chinese medicine, people had been know it has analgesic effect, and in the pepper fruit, because of the relatively hard and often spit out, in the Chinese medicine called "zanthoxylum become bitter and cold, dried herbs with water boiling can cure phlegm, wheezing and edema, puffiness, plus aconite and semi- the summer of herbs can made pill used to treat the heartache.

Modern efficacy of capsaicin, now we know that the active ingredient contained in the pepper called capsaicin, also found that the capsaicin analgesic physiological mechanism is that it can early depletion in the nerve cells in the" P "substance, so that the transmission of pain messages to reduce sensitivity, the nervous system does not issue a message of pain and reduce a lot of human pain sensation. Now capsaicin application control headache, neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis pain, the effect is very good. There are still found in the chili powder, that natural formate substances is rich in it, the effect is similar with aspirin, and therefore can play the role of town pyrolysis pain.

Common varieties planted peppers often have five systems, first is a cherry peppers (cherrypepper), its shape fruit is spherical, red, yellow, purple fruit color and strong, spicy, mainly as an ornamental fruit flowers with. The second is the so-called "Chill" cone pepper (chilipepper), because it is overturned growth, it is also known as the "tabasco" strong spicy. The third is clustered pepper (Redclusterpepper), it's also very spicy. The fourth is sweet chili (Sweetpepper Bellpepper), also known as the "bell pepper", it's sweet and spicy is low, the fifth long pepper (Longpepper).

Pepper is rich in vitamin E, C, in addition, it also containing capsaicin that only contain in pepper, red, yellow pepper, sweet pepper, also contain a capsanthin, these two components is only in chili peppers, capsaicin exist in the pepper flesh, capsanthin present in the pepper skin, its role is similar to carotene, antioxidant effects, so people like to eat skinned peppers may be could not eat chili red pigment.

The hot and spicy of chili is not only used in relieving pain, it can promote the secretion of adrenaline, increase metabolism, and therefore now also be made slimming products, capsaicin also have a role in reducing platelet stickiness, and therefore become the maintenance of cardiovascular health popular ingredient of health food, but because of its strong irritant, stomach ulcers or heart pain, chest tightnessScience Articles, should avoid eating.


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