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Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Plastic Surgery vs. the Fountain of Youth

When it comes to resisting the apparent effects of the aging process on your body, you have two basic choices: seek the Fountain of Youth or undergo plastic surgery. Here's a whimsical look at the search to reclaim youth.

From William Shakespeare to Mark Twain, pen-armed thinkers bemoaning the effects of old age truly do seem to reflect all of humanity. Were it not for the visible effects of gravity on the human body, perhaps the Fountain of Youth would have never been imagined and sought. Those who have given up hope in finding such a place have turned, more successfully, to the world of plastic surgery.
If you truly want to find apparent results in your quest for a more youthful appearance, plastic surgery may well be the route for you. If, however, you're more interested in the journey than your arrival at a destination, you may want to join the multitudes who have chased after the elusive Fountain of Youth.
The rumors of a liquid that can magically erase the effects of old age may date back to 320 B.C. with Alexander the Great. Some think that his conquests may have actually been failed attempts to find wrinkle-reducing waters of some kind, making Alexander the Great seem like much more of a failure than he was a success.
The official start to this tall tale, though, is popularly connected with the famed explorer Ponce de Leon. This 16th-century Spaniard pondered the potential locale of Florida for the fountain. Today, a natural spring in St. Augustine attracts gullible senior visitors, who vie to taste of the odorous waters there, while historians snicker to themselves, realizing that Leon likely beached nearly 150 miles away.
Such well-educated guessers must admit the dearth of original documentation, however, prompting optimistic elders to shake their heads and continue their age-old search. In fact, the Fountain of Youth Archaelogical Park in St. Augustine has been a popular tourist destination for over a century. It's even considered by some to be one of Florida's "most important historical sites," even if there is no true historical data to support the hope-filled fun.
Like most legends, the tale of a youth-filled fountain still persists despite a remarkable lack of evidence. Maybe searching for it has increased the muscle mass on some aging bodies that would otherwise earlier succumb to rocking-chair induced lethargy. On that note, maybe wishfully throwing coins into any fountain can, over time, reduce that infamous under-arm jiggle, making every coin-laden fount a proponent of youth. One can only hope.
For those whose desire for a more youthful appearance goes beyond the realm of folklore and wishes, plastic surgery may be the answer. While it may cost slightly more than a hand full of loose change or a plane ticket to FloridaFree Reprint Articles, at least science concurs that its effects can be documented.

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