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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Protein hair treatment with lamination

Hair consists mainly of long protein fibres, which are damaged by frequent washing and hot styling. The exhausted hair becomes dull and lifeless. Protein-containing hair care products improve structure and restore healthy shine. Discover the magic of revitalizing hair care products.

Dull and lifeless hair: causes

The most common culprits are hot water, frequent use of a hair dryer and brushing. Chemical curls also have a certain negative impact on the protein structure of hair. Regardless of what caused the disturbance, they tend to look unhealthy and unattractive. This can be easily determined by the lack of shine typical of a healthy look and the split ends. It can be seen that the cuticle is also damaged.

Best protein treatment for hair: shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays.

Care products that contain hair proteins (e.g., soy protein, silk, oat or wheat) can repair damaged hair. Proteins, such as in hair conditioner, penetrate the hair shaft and repair structural defects. A thin protective protein coating restores silkiness by repairing defects in the damaged cuticle. The protein elements contained in care products envelop the damaged rods and quickly make them stronger and healthier. The brittleness is removed, the silkiness is returned and the lifeless strands gain volume. There's no doubt that healthy hair also gives you confidence. Use conditioners and protein shampoos, protein masks and sprays and your hair will look great again!

Special hair protein

New technologies make it possible to determine which protein structures are damaged in dull and brittle hair. Of course, the next step is to help nature restore the damaged structure by replenishing exactly those proteins that can fill the voids and repair the damage. It is no surprise that these new revival masters are very similar to natural protein building blocks. Consequently, they are better at repairing damage than their outdated counterparts. Undoubtedly, you should use their amazing abilities to restore the natural beauty and silkiness of your hair.

Additional measures to preserve the silkiness of your hair

In addition to using protein for hair, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can be relied upon to help synthesize keratin, the main protein for restoring hair structure.

Please also note that laminating hair is a salon care procedure that has an immediate regenerating effect. Simply put, hair lamination is like laminating paper: sealing an important document in a strong protective film. In the case of hair, the role of the protective film is performed by a special product with a biologically active composition, which under the influence of high temperature, glues the damaged scales of the hair, filling with itself the cracks in its structure, smoothes, makes the hair thicker, thus adding volume to the hair. After the treatment, hair shines, looks thick and healthy. Lamination is especially shown to coloured hair: the useful substances in the product strengthen the hair after colouring, making the shade more durable and saturated.

The salon procedure is usually enough for the period from 1 to 1.5 months. It all depends on the initial condition of the hair. There are no restrictions on the frequency of the lamination procedure. You don't risk damaging your hair, it 'takes' exactly as much of the composition as it needs.

What do you get in the end? Strong, shiny, obedient and silky hair. Such a set of effects is difficult to achieve with one thing in mindPsychology Articles, but in the case of lamination it can really be the result of one procedure.


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