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Friday, April 16, 2021
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Reopening Your Office in NJ? Here are 4 Things You Need to Do

Once all the listed precautions are followed and you are getting your workplace cleaned and sanitized daily, there is less to worry about infections and diseases.  

The impact of Covid-19 is still prevailing in 2021. Since most of the workplaces have resumed now or will reopen sooner, maintaining cleanliness and using Covid-19 sanitizing services are critical to keep everyone safe.

The beginning of March witnessed 2,668 cases alone in NJ which signifies how much it is important to continue to take precautions, maintain hygiene, and ensure sanitization even now.

Before we discuss anything else, let’s just discuss the basic difference between the three terms – cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

The Basic Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Cleaning: It is the process of de-cluttering, removing dirt and other impurities from the surface. It makes the place look clean and better. It may help decrease the number of germs; however, it doesn’t kill germs.

Sanitizing: You should sanitize a surface only after you get it cleaned. It helps in lowering the number of germs to a safe level as required by the health standards.

Disinfecting: This process refers to the killing of germs, viruses, and other microscopic organisms with the help of chemicals, such as EPA-registered disinfectants. The surface may not look any cleaner than it is but it will be safer as most germs are dead.


First of All, You Need to Clean and Sanitize Your Workplace.

In present circumstances, you should get your workplace cleaned and sanitized at least twice a day and disinfected in one or two weeks. Though there are a lot of service providers, choose the best Covid-19 sanitizing services in NJ for your premises after proper research and checking reviews. And don’t hesitate to reevaluate them once in a while.


What to Do to Make Your Workplace Safe for Your Employees Apart from Cleaning & Sanitizing?

There aren’t many things; you need to do just three things to make your workplace safe for your employees.


Encourage Your Employees to Wash Their Hands Properly and Frequently

While everyone by now understands the importance of appropriate hand washing, it is critical that you still take proactive measures to ensure a safe environment in your office. As time is passing, many people may have started to ignore what they must do to stay safe. So, please encourage your employees to wash their hands properly for around 20 seconds and sanitize them often. There are a lot of creative signage boards and posters online that you can hang on your washroom walls to encourage this habit without making them feel overwhelmed.


Notify Them to Not Come When They Feel Ill or Have Any Symptoms like Cold, Cough, or Mild Fever

There is no lack of offices where showing up for work is encouraged even when employees are feeling sick or unwell. Sadly, this is much common in American work culture. While it is never okay to do this, it must be stopped in the present scenario considering the seriousness of Covid-19. The risk of transmitting the infection is high and can affect other employees in no time. This will, in turn, halt all the office work at once. In short, it is better if some sick employees don’t come so that healthy employees can continue to work safely.


Encourage Your Employees to Use Masks and/or Gloves at Workplace

The use of Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks and disposable gloves is important to help prevent the spread of infections. However, they are effective only when they are worn well. Remind them that a mask is designed to cover both the mouth and nose. Masks are most effective when everybody is wearing them. Encourage them to get rid of their disposable gloves at proper intervals and immediately after contracting high-touch surfaces or infected surfaces.

Once all these precautions are followed and you are getting your workplace cleaned and sanitized dailyArticle Search, there is less to worry about infections and diseases.  

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