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Friday, September 20, 2019
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Research status of resveratrolís function on acute pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is a common digestive acute abdomen with the characteristic of acute onset and high fatality rate. AP pathogenesis has been a hot and difficult point for basic and clinical medical science.

†So far, peopleís understanding on pathogenesis is mainly concentrated in the trypsin autodigestion theory, microcirculation theory, inflammatory cytokines and mediators doctrine, intracellular calcium overload theory, bacterial translocation, and second hit theory, oxidative stress and NO doctrine.

With the continuous improvement of the level of modern molecular biology, recently have scholars there is a certain relationship between gene variants and the occurrence of apoptosis and AP. The mechanism of multiple organ injury each doctrine are explained from different angles AP and AP. However, there is a view to fully interpret the pathophysiological process of the AP. Currently, most scholars believe that the AP and AP-mediated multiple organ damage is the multiple roles.

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compounds extracted from plants, have diverse biological activity, including the role of anti-tumor, cardiovascular protection, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and inhibit platelet aggregation, immune regulation, and antibacterial. Since resveratrol has a wide range of pharmacological effects and side effects small and easy to extract the advantages of the treatment and prevention of disease caused by an increasing concern of the researchers. Broad clinical application of resveratrol is expected to become a new drug for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. In recent years, many scholars from the AP pathogenesis of departure, the application of resveratrol as a therapeutic drug, from a different perspective, the therapeutic effect of resveratrol on the rat AP.

AP is a complex pathophysiological process of participation by a variety of factors, among the factors are mutually independent and penetrate each other, and jointly promote the development of the disease. Based on the above pathogenesis, derived from the many new treatment options. For example: the application of cytokine antibody and antagonist, to build a variety of carriers of the gene therapy, the early application of vasodilator drugs and microcirculation protective agents, antioxidants and oxygen free radical scavenger and the strengthening of the intestinal mucosal barrier function, prevention of intestinal bacteria translocation occurred. However, due to still lack sufficient understanding of the pathogenesis and pathological changes of AP, so the treatment and prevention of the disease, lack of adequate methods and strategies. This makes the treatment of the disease is still to stay in the high cost of treatment less than ideal level. Therefore, we should continue to in-depth study of the initiation factor in the development of AP lesions and deterioration factor, as well as the mutual influence and restrict the relationship between them. This has far-reaching implications for the treatment of AP.

Resveratrol as a active non-flavonoid polyphenolic compounds natural plant, in recent years it has been widely used in the treatment of diseases such as inflammatory diseases, cancer, cardio-cerebral vascular disease and dementia for pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers. And it gets some research results. Its treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases is also getting growing awareness. Its clinical application prospect is also bright. It is expected to become the new drug in prevention and treatment of many diseases. Resveratrol acid has a high medicinal value. But with comprehensive analysis of recent studies, the following problems are also found: despite the clear function of anti-inflammatory, its mechanism is not yet consensus. For example, in the treatment of AP study found that it can control from the numerous aspects of the AP condition, and thus play a certain role in treatment of AP. However, it is the specific mechanism is an important link in the AP in the pathogenesis of a wide range of pharmacological effects or inhibited, thus blocking the AP in the pathogenesis of trigger-like chain reaction still needs further study. For resveratrol researchFree Articles, the focuses mostly stay in the fight against disease. Their safety and effectiveness are relatively slow. The corresponding toxicology is less. Depth and breadth of the study should be strengthen.Source:

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