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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Reversing age with skin needling and looking younger

Reversing your ageing is not a dream, but it is in fact a reality and a very simple process at that. Skin needling will help you get what you need.

Are you feeling that you are getting older every time you are looking into a mirror and seeing newer lines and wrinkles form every day? It is something that everyone comes to at some point in their life. But as it turns out that our current lifestyles are summoning these signs of ageing earlier than they should be aging. The skin ageing process in many individuals is accelerated due to many factors like sedentary lifestyle, stress, lack of proper nutrition etc.

Before we go into what are the solutions to prevent it let us see which are the signs of this accelerated ageing.

The first sign is fine lines. It is a very common sign of ageing and people sometimes even expect it. This occurs when your skin loses some of its elasticity.

The second sign is discoloration of different parts of the skin. You start losing your even skin tone and start getting brown blotches on your skin.

The third sign is skin roughness. This happens when your skin has lost all its natural oils that you once had to keep it moisturized. Your skin becomes rough as these oils decreases.

So these are some common signs of skin aging. They can be prevented with simple techniques like using sun block and applying anti line creams. Avoid make-ups until absolutely necessary because these can cause the aging process to accelerate faster. Always use non-soap cleansers to clean your face.

But when these problems have already shown up. Can you reverse it? As a matter of fact you can do it. All of the above signs of ageing occur when there is a reduction in the production of elastin and collagen in the body. These chemicals that are produced in the body to maintain elasticity of the skin and to repair wounds by producing a new layer of skin. As you ageFree Reprint Articles, this process slows down and when elasticity is lost you start wrinkling and start healing slower.

Now the process of forming new skin is triggered when the current skin is damaged. That is when the skin is wounded. To produce more collagen and trigger the replacement of dead skin a process called micro needling or skin needling is used. What this does is that it produces wounds on the skin on a microscopic level so that the healing mechanism of the body is triggered and the dead skin cells of the targeted areas are replaced. All this is done with instruments called derma stamps and derma rollers.

Each of these instruments has many needles with microscopic heads. These needles are so arranged that when they come in contact with your skin they cause microscopic punctures. They are so small that they practically do not hurt but they are large enough to trigger the healing process.

Some people also couple in the use of beauty treatment products as this process accelerates the rate of absorption through the skin. This is however done under proper supervision of a dermatologist.

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Loria Hasey is an expert in beautifying processes and is currently researching anti ageing techniques. For more information about derma rollers stay connected with loria.

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