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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Root Canals - Reasons Why They're Painful and Solutions to the Problem

The thought of having to get root canals can strike fear in even the bravest people. That's because there are many horror stories associated with the procedure. However, the process doesn't have to be painful and if done right, the experience can be tolerable.

When the blood supply or pulp of the tooth is infected because it has been injured or is decaying, dentists perform root canals in an effort to save a tooth. This infection is really painful and the dentist will have to clean out the root and sterilize the area, or get rid of the tooth all together. Since most people want their teeth, many people endure the process of cleaning and sterilizing the tooth. Yet, for many people, the process is painful. Examine a few reasons why this is the case and what can be done about.

The truth of the matter is that sometimes, there are dentists that aren't very skilled in applying an anesthetic. Proper numbing of the area is crucial if you want to have a good experience. Yet, a dentist could miss the right spot and you end up having to deal with the consequences. When getting root canals, be sure to insist on seeing a dentist with adequate experience. And if for some reason you are still hurting or have feeling, be sure to speak up. Sometimes, being pain free is as simple as having the dentist apply the anesthesia in a different area. Other times you may need a different solution. Bottom line, there's no need to suffer unnecessarily. Inform your dentist of your issues and your treatment will go much smoother.

Another common reason root canals can be painful is the fact that you may not have waited long enough for the anesthetic to kick in. This goes for you and your dentist. If your dentist gives you the anesthetic and then proceeds with the procedure shortly after, it's very likely you'll hurt. There's no point in rushing and if you have the slightest twinge, tell your dentist you need to wait a bit longer.

Furthermore, if you have a serious infection or "hot tooth" you may need a lot more anesthesia in order to be pain free. The whole point of using anesthesia depends on ph balance and local anesthetics are ph balance sensitive. So if you have a serious abscess, the ph balance is off and the area becomes acidic. As a result, the local anesthetic will take longer to work or simply won't be as effective. In the end, the dentist may decide to have you take antibiotics for a while in order to clear up the infection and then have you come back for root canals once your infection is manageable.

Also, some people are so afraid of going to the dentist in the first place that their stress levels makes it hard for anesthetics to kick in. If this sounds like you, you can still get root canals, but you will need to be sedated first.

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