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Friday, July 19, 2019
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Scalp Ringworm in humans

Scalp ringworm is extremely hard to get rid of compared to other types of ringworm.† This is because hair gives protection to fungal spores from treatment.† This articles goes over what can be done when you get a scalp ringworm infection.

Scalp ringworm is one of the hardest types of ringworm to get rid of.† Once it catches hold, it can spread fast. †Usually, it causes the scalp to look a little weird, may cause hair loss and damage, and will cause dandruff.† Luckily,† the hair usually grows back once the infection leaves.† The infection should be taken care of right away so as to not cause any complications.† Thankfully, there are medications that should clear up your scalp ringworm quickly.

There are a few things that should be done if you get scalp ringworm.† Most importantly, try to keep your hair dry.† The problem people usually have, is something† they donít even know is wrong.† What they do is, after showering, they †do not dry their hair properly.† Wet hair is a perfect location for fungal spores to proliferate.† You do not want to allow the fungus any chance of growing.† Wet, damp areas are the best place for fungus to grow, so you have to take that away.† Furthermore, people make an additional mistake by going to bed with their hair wet.† Once more, the moisture caught in your hair and on your pillow is the best environment for fungus to grow. †The moisture can then seep into your pillow and create another area for fungus and bacteria to grow.†

Unfortunately, some people canít help but sweat during the nights.† Often, this is because the heat is too high, or they are using too many blankets.† But sometimes, there is nothing that can be done about it.† The best thing to do in this case is to wash the sheets every couple days.†

Once infection occurs, go buy an anti-fungal shampoo.† The website at the bottom on the page will give you good information on the best brands. Hair gives protection to fungal spores, causing infection to spread and grow easily.† Thatís why an anti-fungal shampoo is needed for the infection.† However, you must also take oral medications in addition to the shampoo because scalp ringworm is so hard to cure.† To get these medicationsScience Articles, please go see your doctor.

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Patrick Williams†is a medical student in one of Ireland's most prestigious colleges.† He strives to obtain the most up to date information on diseases of the human body for his readers.† Please visit†for more information on ringworm in humans.† For pictures of ringworm in humans please visit:

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