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Friday, April 16, 2021
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Stop High Cholesterol Hampering Your Sex Life With Medications and Lifestyle Control

This article explains how high cholesterol causes erectile dysfunction or impotence and also explains the reasons that makes Levitra a better impotence treatment option in such cases, compared to other popular anti-impotence medications.

What is high cholesterol?

The health complications caused by high cholesterol have become so common in the UK over the last few years that the term ‘cholesterol’ is commonly interpreted with a negative connotation. Actually cholesterol or lipoprotein is necessary for our natural system to perform its functions, especially conducting the blood circulation throughout the body, properly. Lipoprotein in terms of its nature is of two types – high density and low density. While the total amount of high density lipoprotein remains almost unaltered in our physical system, the complications caused by cholesterol are actually done by LDL or low density lipoprotein. Due to lifestyle problems, lack of physical exercise, genetic problems and continuous consumption of very high calorie containing foods and beverages, the level of the low density lipoprotein increases in the blood and consequently a person starts becoming exposed to the risks like atherosclerosis or thinning of the arteries, stroke and heart attack.

The link between impotence and high cholesterol:

It is often suggested that impotence can be a symptom of other underlying health complications. High cholesterol is definitely one of these major problems that may not be identified at the initial stage. So, it is better that a man starts his impotence treatment at the earliest stage and diagnoses the actual reason that is causing it. The increased level of low density lipoprotein (LDL) in blood gradually leads to storage of the lipid within the arteries throughout your physical system and consequently restricts the adequate blood flow in the vital organs during times of necessity. At the basic stage of impotence treatment a physician will always try to find out the actual reason(s) that may lead to inadequate blood supply in the penile arteries during sexual excitement. Additionally, it has also been found through clinical studies that overdependence to cholesterol lowering medications, clofibrate and gemfibrozil (containing fibrates) and simvastatin (containing strains), may also lead to impotence. However, physicians have suggested further that the chance of impotence with fibrates is considerably higher than strains.

How can Levitra treat impotence caused by high cholesterol safely?

It is always suggested that disciplining your life is the best way to keep high cholesterol at bay and enjoy a sex life without interruption. However, if you have already started experiencing these problems then your impotence treatment won’t complete unless you start taking the right medication apart from restricting your way of living. The popular ED-treatment medications, such as Viagra and Cialis, may suddenly increase blood pressure and in such cases the risk of splitting of the penile arteries remains quite high. The state-of-the-art pharmacology of Levitra pills may provide a patient with adequate relief from impotence caused by high cholesterol. The basic ingredient of this anti-impotence medication is vardenafilFeature Articles, which is not only a strong PDE4 inhibitor but its incorporation in Levitra at a lower dosage makes your physical system to get habituated with this medication safely. Administration of the correct strength of Levitra pills generally helps a person to maintain an erection for 5 hours and it requires to be taken at least 30 minutes before sexual intimacy.

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