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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Teen Depression-Be aware!!

With teens becoming a soft target of depression nowadays especially in the developed states, we take a detailed look at what are the main factors pertaining to the grave illness that have shaken up the world health forums like never before. Read on to take a detailed look.

Depression is a weighty medical infirmity that negatively affects how you feel, think and act about any particular thing at a given time period.†

The victims of this illness seem to loose interests in activities that were once enjoyable to them and vice versa.†

People of all ages can get affected from clinical depression and the figure speaks for it. Not less than 17 millions Americans were found to be bitten and smitten by this bug.†

What causes Depression?

Sometimes the very causes of depression are known to a patient. However, many times the real cause of the phenomenon can not be diagnosed by even the experts from the field.†

It has been speculated that the reasons which are not known for the cause can be a mixed variants of factors ranging from as diverse field as genetic, psychological and environmental factors, respectively.†

Nevertheless, regardless of its root cause, a depression can always be treated.†

Factors for depression

  • academic demands
  • transitions-re-entry to school, being new to Berkeley
  • balancing school, work, family, social life
  • financial responsibilities or worries
  • family concerns
  • social isolation
  • difficulties in relationships with friends and romantic partners
  • being on one's own in a new environment
  • exposure to new ideas, new people, and temptations
  • awareness of sexual identity and orientation
  • preparing for life after graduation, career decision-making
  • Major loss
  • Chronic illness

Relationship problems, work stress, unwelcome life changes or family crisis can also trigger symptoms in people to be depressed.†

Types of Depression

There are basically 3 types of depression which has been recognized. Letís have a look!†

Major Depression-†A combination of depression symptoms which interferes with the ability of an individual to wok, sleep, eats or enjoys once likable activities. These events can happen once, twice or many time in a life span of an affected person.†

Bipolar Disorder-†Also referred to as manic-depressive disorder, under the same, periods of depression alternate with period of elation and increased activity, called as mania (madness).†

Dysthymia-†Itís a less intense type of depression that involves chronic depression symptoms which are for longer terms and considered severe but keep one at bay from functioning at their fuller level of efficiency and from feeing elated.†

Depression in teens- Causes and symptoms

Depression in teens can be an alarming situation because it affects them no end. Letís see some causes of the teenís depression in brief.†

  • Stress- Itís the stress thatís the most accountable factor as far as the depressions in teens are concerned. Stress due to exams, achieving dreams in their career, social life is the factors being the main stimulants.

  • Being away from parents- A large chunk of the teens stay away from their parents due to academic needs. Once they start staying away from parents, they miss home food, the home environment, relatives and much more and these forms the main ingredients of teen depression.

  • Loss of a loved one- Teens can undergo a huge proportion of depression upon the death of a loved one. The effect increases more when the person lost is their girlfriends or boyfriends. It becomes the responsibility of the parents and relatives to support him and help him come out of the same else the intensity of the effect can even kill them or make them insane.

  • Learning and natural disorder- A teen can also be depressed upon seeing his fellow friends excelling in what he has been being unable to do. Yes, it can include various things like dancing, eating, leaning, memorizing and many more.

The depression symptoms of the teen depression are same as experienced in normal depression. Letís see some depression treatment in the same context.†

More than prescribing a medicine for teen depression, all efforts shall be made to bring back the victim to normalcy through lending a helping hand by parents, relatives and friends. The victims shall be consoled by the above listed people as to why the things happened to them and why shall come out of the same.†

For an instance, in the case of death of a loved one, the parents shall say to their grown ups that the dead personís wonít be happy upon seeing them in such a miserable condition, so in order to keep the departed soul happy, the victim shall come back to the colors of life as the dead person ultimately wants to see them as same.†

Even if after these trials, the victim does not respond to the cue, the victim shall be referred to a well known behavioral psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor to solve the issue and bring the victim back to the vibrancy of life††

All said and doneFree Web Content, it still depends on the affected personís will if he is really interested in making a comeback to the life or silently suffer his way to death.†


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