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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Teeth Whitening Gel - Carbamide Peroxide Vs. Hydrogen Peroxide

The main basis of teeth whitening is the teeth whitening gel. Different brands use different range of teeth whitening gels, although the basic ingredients remain the same. Teeth whitening gel is composed of peroxide- either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. In all teeth whitening products, the use of teeth whitening gel containing any of these two peroxide ingredients is a must.

Why peroxide?

Peroxide is contained in teeth whitening gels because it helps in bleaching the uppermost layers of the teeth to produce whiteness. It is the composition of peroxide that has effective qualities to produce good results.

A peroxide compound contains a peroxide ion or an oxygen-oxygen single bond. Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest stable forms of peroxide and it is often used synonymously. However, when teeth whitening gels are concerned, carbamide peroxide is also known as peroxide in general.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening

Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient for some of the teeth whitening products. Hydrogen peroxide is the result of combined oxygen and hydrogen. The chemical description of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2.  When in its higher concentrations, hydrogen peroxide can be unstable and poisonous as well. In low concentrations however, hydrogen peroxide is commonly used in homes as an antiseptic and disinfectant, with its prominent effect on teeth whitening remaining the most beneficial use of the same.

Hydrogen peroxide is known to clean the upper layers of the teeth to whiten it. As hydrogen peroxide is a weaker acid that has oxidizing properties it acts like a bleaching agent when it is used for teeth whitening treatments.

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel is faster and stronger as a bleaching agent than carbamide peroxide. This is one of the reasons why it is actually recommended by dentists.

Carbamide Peroxide for Teeth Whitening

It is very easy to get confused about hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide as these are the two ingredients used for teeth whitening. Carbamide peroxide was created to slow down the decomposition process so that peroxide lasts longer and provides greater whitening effects. Also it ensures longer shelf-life.

Carbamide peroxide breaks down into one-third hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, 18% carbamide peroxide solution will have the same effect as 6% hydrogen peroxide solution. Carbamide peroxide is considered to be a stable ingredient than hydrogen peroxide that tends to deteriorates even easily.

Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Carbamide Peroxide

The preference of bleaching agent for any in-office teeth whitening treatment is the powerful hydrogen peroxide. It is a fast-acting ingredient contained in teeth whitening gel. When used for whitening, hydrogen peroxide concentrations range from 9% to 40%.

For at-home teeth whitening, on the other hand, the most preferred whitener is the slow-acting carbamide peroxide that breaks down to form hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide contains about one third of the strength and potency of hydrogen peroxide. This actually means that 15% carbamide peroxide is approximately equivalent to 5% hydrogen peroxide solution.

Making a Choice

When you are using at-home whiteners, you will definitely have to choose from the range of carbamide peroxide whiteners as these are mild. SimilarlyBusiness Management Articles, there are many in-office dental treatments also that uses carbamide peroxide because of its gentle and vicious nature.  But hydrogen peroxide also remains a good choice for teeth whitening.

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