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Thursday, March 4, 2021
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The introduction of biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin H. The coenzyme in carboxylase and carboxyl transferase enzymes involved in fat metabolism of carbohydrates in animalís body, proteins, amino acids, nucleic acids and so on, indispensable for animal skin, hair, meat toe shoes, normal development and health of the reproductive system and the nervous system maintain.†

Scientists study, biotin can also be used as a cosmetic raw material, with great beauty role. Can make the skin whitening and nail smooth.

Biotin is widely present in the protein-rich feed, especially peanut biotin content is very high, but the variation in most cereals and tapioca starch-rich feed biotin is rare. Corn, soy and animal protein feed biotin can be fully utilized, and other feed available low biotin. Chicken on wheat and its by-products, the biotin utilization is about 0 - 20%. Animal gastrointestinal microorganisms are able to synthesize a small amount of biotin. Nearly 10 years of research by biotin supplier, due to the big change of content in the feed, low utilization natural feed alone is unable to meet the livestock, poultry needed, it must be added to the industrial production of biotin; biotin to add a higher amount of biotin improve livestock disease resistance prevent the chicken fat hepatorenal syndrome (FLKS), reduce the chicken sudden death, reduce drumstick disease; prevent animal stress caused decreased productivity. Pigs, chicken feed, add biotin generally able to increase productivity, reduce feed consumption, especially in barley, wheat-based diets effect. Add the amount of dietary biotin influenced by many factors, high energy content in the diet, especially unsaturated fatty acid content, high-protein diet, biotin need to increase, in addition, some inhibitors affect its requirements, raw egg protein containing avidin, can binding with biotin, so that make it loss activity. Feed large amounts of antibiotics and other antibacterial drugs, or gastrointestinal disease, inhibit or affect microbial synthesis of biotin and gastrointestinal absorption of biotin using. Feed rot can cause the destruction of the biotin. Some biotin can be instead of inositol.

The absorption site of biotin is the proximal end of the small intestine, the concentration is low, the carrier transit initiative absorption form of absorption at high concentrations by simple diffusion. Biotin absorption via the portal circulation, transported to the liver, renal storage, 80% of the blood of biotin exist in free form, distributed in the body tissues more content in the liver, kidney, absorbed most of the biological factors by excreted in the urine. While the gastric acidity, can reduce the absorption of biotin. Intestinal flora of the human body can synthesize a small amount of biotin, nutrition experts recommend a daily intake: 30ľg adults. Biotin used in conjunction with vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, niacin, supply with each otherHealth Fitness Articles, the role will be better.


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