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Friday, April 19, 2019
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The Long Term Effects Of Wrinkle Fillers

There is a new trend in the best wrinkle creams.  Products that are known as "wrinkle fillers" are applied just on the lines in the face, and are intended to lift them out.  While they may indeed work, there are some side effects that users should be aware of.  This article discusses the long term effects of using wrinkle fillers like these.

As the focus of consumers on anti aging products continues to increase, many people are turning to wrinkle fillers as their treatment of choice.  These injections are said to last longer than Botox, and deliver fast, effective and lasting results.  Yet industry experts are not thrilled with this recent trend.  The long term effects of Botox were not as concerning to them as that of the wrinkle fillers.  Yet despite concerns, consumers continue to use these injections with little regard as to the effects it may have on your skin years down the road.  The author examines anti wrinkle injections, discussing Botox and wrinkle fillers and the potential long term damages of both. 

Botox was and still is really the leader of injection remedies for people who desire to get rid of wrinkles.  But Botox and wrinkle fillers work on two different levels.  Botox is injected in the muscles of the face near the target wrinkle.  It numbs, or immobilizes those muscles making it impossible for your skin to contract those muscles that cause the wrinkles through repetitive motion.  This immobilization can last from 2-4 months and once it wears off your face and muscles return to the previous condition.  Botox is not a therapeutic treatment and years of use will only provide years of temporary results. 

Wrinkle fillers on the other hand do not immobilize the muscles they actually fill in the wrinkles.  With a variety of options to choose from, consumers can visit the doctor and receive injections into the wrinkle itself and within a few days, that wrinkle is gone.  Wrinkle fillers can last for as long as a year in some cases and their results are considered some of the best in the industry.  The problem with wrinkle fillers is not in how effectively it works, it is with what happens to the skin after years of use.  While some of the ingredients can be absorbed in the skin naturally once the effects begin to wear off, however not all of it can.

Industry experts are concerned with this, as long term testing of these products have not been conducted.  What happens to the accumulation of these fillers within the skin?  There are a number of concerns that can happen, but severe sagging and mild deformation can be seen with over use.  Areas treated with fillers will look good initially, but no one can tell you what the risks are until consumers have used the products for prolonged periods of time, something that has not happened so far. 

The choice of injections is a popular, no one argues that.  It is one step less invasive than surgery and it works faster than topical wrinkle cream and serums, but it does carry a risk.  This risk is somewhat undefined so far, and consumers see that as no risk.  The reality is that lack of proof of concerns, and no risk are two different things and consumers need to be highly aware that they may be exposing themselves to potential long term damages if their current treatments continue.  Because injections do not offer any type of healing or treatment, your skin is never repaired, only made to look better.  In other words, most consumers remain injection users for life as they have never taken the time to actually heal the wrinkles.  If you are a lifetime user, you have a lot to be concerned with, and should seriously consider a topical, therapeutic wrinkle cream that can deliver high end results with no risk at all.  The choice is ultimately yours, but don’t make it out of ignoranceComputer Technology Articles, take some time to look into what you are injecting in your face. 

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Sabrina James is an author who contributes reviews and product insights on the best wrinkle cream products to hit the market.  Her personal experience and vast expertise as a critic in the industry has made her into a popular author on many blogs across the web.

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