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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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The Master Gland-Pituitary Gland

Remember that chapter of science which told us that Pituitary Gland is the Master Gland? Pituitary gland controls several hormone glands and is located in a pocket of bone at the base of the brain. It is approximately the size of a pea. In this article we will read all about pituitary gland and how to keep it active in a healthy way.

Be it spiritual quotient or most physical activities of the body, Pituitary gland plays major role in everything.

Functions of the Pituitary Gland

All the scientific research done on humans say that Pituitary gland is responsible for body's response to stressful situations. It also plays a vital role in facilitating learning and memory. Three of the most important hormones being regulated by Pituitary gland are Oxytocin,Vasopressin and Dopamine. Vasopressin is responsible for controlling blood pressure and water excretion by the kidneys; Oxytocinis responsible for controlling the functions of the uterus and breasts; Dopamine is a major neuromodulator controlling adrenaline. Dopamine regulates activities like sleep, physical activities, and actually controls the brain's rewards and pleasure centres. It is called the master gland because it is controls most of the hormones which are most important in formation of a new life and regulation of a healthy life.

Coming on to the spiritual part, we can say that it is the Pituitary gland which is considered to store our thoughts and memories. We work only when a memory is released from the Pituitary gland and it activates the rest of the hormones for us to make a movement. All our unconscious thoughts come to conscious memory only through this master gland. Evolution of humans is based on the Pituitary gland, because it secretes those hormones, and initiates those neural impulses which give humans the understanding of sexual selection and reproduction. Spiritual gurus call it The Centre of Spirituality, and the reason behind it was that they had the knowledge of its functions, they meditated and kept it active and healthy. They got all the celestial visions from their pituitary gland. When you meditate, and see violet colour in your Crown chakra, that means that your spiritual master is guiding you towards wisdom, and if you see golden light, that means you have attained the feeling of joy and the power to materialise your thoughts.

Why Do We Need a Balanced Pituitary Gland?

There are various hormones which are regulated by the Pituitary Gland. And it is emphasised every where that active and healthy functioning of the pituitary gland is important. Let us see why:

1. Somatotrophic Hormone (STH)- to stimulate growth. If STH is not normally secreted, then it causes Dwarfism. It is a condition where the person remains only 3-4 feet tall. Excessive secretion of STH before puberty causes a condition called Pituitary Giant, wherein the person's height gets 8-9 feet tall. After puberty if STH remains in excessive levels, then it results in Acromegaly, i.e. the bones become misshapen and thick, especially those of nose, jaws and limbs. Fibrous tissue of face and tongue get enlarged and the abdomen gets protruded. These conditions can be prevented with Hormone Therapy, if started early.

2. Thyrotropic Hormone (TTH)- stimulates iodine uptake and thyroxin synthesis by the thyroid gland. The blood glucose is maintained at a consistent level with the needs of the body during rest or physical exercises. Excessive TTH causes Hypothyroid, a condition where the body gets thinner and causes multiple problems like heart palpitations, restlessness, adrenalin imbalance; and Lower levels of TTH cause Hyperthyroid, wherein the person gets fatter and slower in actions. It starts secreting anxiety causing hormones, which interferes with the patient's thought processes and sleep.

3. Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone (ACTH)- regulates output of hormones by adrenal cortex to increase corticoids. Corticoids are the stress regulating hormones, as they regulate the sodium and potassium balance for nervous system excitability, regulation of carbohydrates metabolism and supporting development of sexual vigour and secondary sex characteristics. If ACTH is not balanced in body, it can cause Sodium-Potasium imbalance in the body resulting in hypertension (in mild imbalance) and altered senses (in higher imbalance). It can also cause obesity and Diabetes because of improper metabolism of carbohydrates. It also causes sexual impotency if ACTH is not balanced in the body.

4. Gonadotrophic Hormone (GTH)- regulation of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), with the main function of producing sperm cells in males and ova or egg cells in females. It can cause foetal abnormalities if not balanced, and also infertility. Luteinizing Hormone(LH) stimulates the output of sex hormones, that is controlling estrogen in females and androgens in males. Imbalance of this hormone can cause severe foetal abnormalities like XXX Syndrome or YYY syndrome, brain abnormalities or sometimes even giving birth to a sexless child. Lactogenic hormone (Prolactin) is the hormone responsible for milk production in lactating women. Insufficient prolactin causes insufficient milk production through the mammary glands and excessive prolactin can cause aberrations in breasts or poisoning of the milk if not treated well in time.

How to Maintain a Balance in Pituitary Gland?

We have read about how important is it to keep the Pituitary gland balanced and activated in a healthy way. Now let us take a look at how to keep it balanced:

1. Meditate everyday- Whatever your age is, you must meditate for those many minutes as your age is. For example, if you are 20 years old, you must meditate for 20 minutes. Focusing on the breath, taking deep long breaths would keep the Pituitary gland active and balanced. The reason behind this exercise is supplication of Oxygen to the brain and the gland. Spiritual reason behind meditation is that your spiritual guide would balance the pituitary gland by activating healing powers in your body.

2. Take multivitamins- It is important to keep the body well-maintained by providing it with the right amounts of vitamins essential for other bodily processes. Consult the doctor, before taking any random multivitamins.

3. Get a good head massage- Relaxation is the key to maintain a good health. Visit a good spa and salon, and get a good head massage by a professional masseur. When the essential oils penetrate through your scalp to sooth the nerves, they relax every cell in the brain. Spiritual reason behind taking a good head massage is: Vibration causes New Life. When the masseurs rub your head with bio oils in various strokes, it creates vibrations, which cause automatic neurotransmitters sending waves for healing in the body. Another reason is that activation of pleasure cells in the brain balances the pituitary gland automatically, keeping the whole body healthy.

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