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Sunday, October 24, 2021
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The Truth About Home Made Essential Oils

In most cases, creating a spa like atmosphere in your home requires the use of flower scented essential oils.  But beware, not all oils are created equal.  Here is a helpful article on what to look out for when using flower scented essential oils.

Nothing beats the spa after a hard day at work. A soothing foot massage coupled with scented floral oils in the foreground provide the most soothing atmosphere to relax and wind down from the grind of deadlines and meetings. Spas are everywhere nowadays but even though they have now become affordable, sometimes we don’t have the time to lift ourselves off the comforts of our home to drive to the nearest spa. This is the main reason why home made essential oils have become a huge hit in the market place.

To create a spa like atmosphere, one of the favorites is the floral scented essential oil. There are many specialty shops where one can acquire oil extracts from flowers. The wax, wick, coloring and molds can all be bought from hobby stores around any major city. Contrary to popular belief though, burning the oils mixed from candles do not always result therapeutic effects. As many would say, there is a huge difference in candles that make you feel sleepy versus candles that make you feel totally relaxed. The latter is what one should aim for.

The burning of therapeutic oils is ill advised. Instead, there are two things to consider when looking for complete relaxation. First, one must make sure that the oil being used is a therapeutic-grade essential oil. Finding this out is rather tricky as it is important to know good dealers in specialty shops who know their oils like the back of their hand. Several specialty stores online also engage in oil delivery.

The second item to consider is the way they are used. Rather than burning these oils from candles or through a heat source or open fire, it is better to diffuse the oils using a cold diffusion method or if need be, through reeds. The latter is usually seen in displays at health stores in the Philippines. Replacing the “stock” oil is necessary though because these may be mass-produced and contain petrochemicals that can be harmful to people. 

In most cases, spas use flower-scented essential oils to create a relaxing atmosphere. Oils as well as scented candles comprise a very lucrative industry worldwide because of the huge demands of the wellness sector. The process of extracting oils from flowers, especially roses is a very tedious. One can say that it is not an economical idea to go the “home grown route” and extract oils yourself: to extract one ounce of rose petal oil you will need several pounds of petals at your disposal. Thus, making your own scented candles usually entails buying the essential oils from flowers from your local wellness store or ordering through a retail florist.

It can be difficult and costly to find very good quality essential oils. However, the fulfillment of being able to undergo the tedious process of making your own essential oils may be a fulfilling hobby and to many people, a reward in itself.

For purpose of improving the ambiance, oil extracts from flowers should not be diffused by heat from an open fire. Besides the soot, it also generates small amounts of indoor pollutants that in the proper dose, can be harmful to people. In attempting to produce essential oils at home, one has to be aware not only of the type of oils to be used but also the way the oils are utilized. Once you perfect this systemFree Web Content, you will be able to enjoy your homemade spa atmosphere

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