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Monday, June 1, 2020
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When Do You Have to Go to a Dentist for a Toothache Cure?

Although mild toothache can be resolved with home remedies, severe cases might require a visit to a dentist. If your toothache persists for more than two days after home remedies, it is wise to find a dentist for toothache cure.

Throbbing pain in and around the tooth is a sign of decay or cavity and it requires medical care. Apart from cavities and infection, there are various other reasons for a toothache. Some may be quite severe requiring immediate dental care to ease the pain and discomfort. Toothache can be caused due to dental and non-dental issues. Dental issues include cavities, gum diseases, damaged teeth, an uneven bite. Non-dental issues include sinus infection, vitamin deficiency, muscle pain, and even headaches.

Common symptoms of a toothache

Pain in your tooth indicates that there is something wrong with your dental health. Tooth pain can be mild or sharp and throbbing, depending on the type of dental issue. No matter what kind of dental issue you face, severe toothache calls for emergency dental care. Some of the most common symptoms and types of toothache include the following.

•  Sharp pain while chewing food

Sometimes you might experience sharp pain while you bite down on food or while chewing it, which could indicate that there is an issue within the tooth, or it could mean a chipped or cracked tooth.

•  Sensitivity to hot and cold

Experiencing sharp pain while your teeth are exposed to hot and cold food could be an indication of decayed tooth or issues with the tooth pulp or sensitivity of the tooth nerves.

•  Dull pain

This could be caused due to constant grinding and clenching of the teeth, which is known as Bruxism. It can lead to soreness of the jaws and tooth.

It is essential to visit a dentist for toothache cure in Springfield immediately if the inflammation and pain increases and if you experience bleeding and redness around the gums. If there is a swelling around the jaws or face, if you have suffered a trauma to the face recently, and if you feel unwell due to the persistent pain in your tooth, visit an emergency dentist in your locality for relief from toothache.

Possible treatment for toothache

As dentists are trained to alleviate symptoms of toothache and relieve pain, it is important to visit them straight away. If the toothache is caused due to a minor cavity, a small filling will help to alleviate the pain. However, if there were extensive decay, a root canal treatment would be necessary to clean the pulp of the tooth to reduce pain. On the other hand, if the tooth pain is caused due to chipped or cracked tooth, and the damage is beyond repair, it would be necessary to remove the tooth permanently. The dentist will then replace the tooth with a denture to prevent facial muscles from sagging.

Even though a toothache might be dullArticle Search, it is an important indication that there is something wrong with your tooth. You can prevent tooth decay or other underlying conditions from exacerbating by visiting your dentists regularly.

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