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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Which Yogasan should be done to reduce the Fat and Weight around the Stomach?

Start your exercise journey with this yoga for weight loss which will help burn fat, build muscle toned and give you more flexibility. If the body is healthy, then the fun of living life is something else. It is the first duty of every person to pay attention to their health, but unfortunately, very few people pay timely attention to their health. 

Start your exercise journey with this yoga for weight loss which will help burn fat, build muscle toned and give you more flexibility. If the body is healthy, then the fun of living life is something else. It is the first duty of every person to pay attention to their health, but unfortunately, very few people pay timely attention to their health. As a result, they suffer from all diseases ahead of time. And one such problem that is becoming very common in health issues is obesity. Today many people are upset due to their increased weight, in fact, people are so upset that due to the weight loss, thousands of crores of the industry have come up.


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Friends, there have been thousands of ways to lose weight, but in all these ways, yoga is a long-term solution without any side-effects.


Seven Yogasanas to lose weight


1. Kapalbhati Karyoga

How to do skull To do this yoga practice, choose a place with a clean, calm and open environment. Then sit in a normal posture with a pedestal like a mat. While sitting, apply your right leg above the left thigh and the left leg under the right thigh. After this asana, the breath has to be exhaled and the stomach has to be pushed inwards. This activity should be done for five minutes in the morning. Benefits of doing Kapalbhati Kriya Yoga It is a panacea to reduce belly fat. By doing this asana, body weight is reduced. The effect of this virtuous posture not only helps in reducing obesity, but it also enhances the beauty of the face. If there is a complaint of dark circles under one’s eyes, then one should do Kappalbhati action daily. People suffering from stomach discomfort can also get relief from stomach ailments by doing kapalbhati. Constipation, stomach pain, sour belching, acidity and other types of stomach diseases are cured by capsules. By doing Kapalbhati, positive energy is transmitted to the body and memory also increases. Kapalbhati destroys every disease associated with the throat.


Some more important things:

Kapalbhati asana in the morning is very effective. Kapalbhati posture should be done after cleansing the stomach (after defecation). Kapalbhati Asana should be done on an empty stomach and nothing should be eaten for half an hour after doing it. Do not use this asana for pregnant women and patients with gastric ulcers. If any type of operation is done in the body, then they should perform this asana only after consulting the doctor.

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2. Anulom Antonyms Pranayama


Method of Anulom Antonym Pranayama Choose a good place and collect it. Sit in a normal posture, cross your legs and turn around (apply palathi / as you eat on the ground). Now rest your right hand on the right knee, and with the thumb of the left hand interrupt the left orifice of the nose, and take a deep breath through the right orifice. Then free the left hole and interrupt the right hole and exhale through the left hole. Repeat this process at least ten to fifteen times. benefits of Anulom Vilom - This pranayama is also called pulse resection posture. Anulom-antonym is helpful in maintaining blood circulation in the body. Most of the fat in the human body is stored around the abdomen, waist, and thighs. The stomach gets inside due to the effect of this asana. Abdominal fat also decreases. Anulom-Antonym feels extra body weight along with agility in the body.




3. Naukasana Yoga (boat pose)


Yoga to lose weight How to do naukasana Naukasana First do a posture and lie on your back, facing the sky. Keep your hands straight at the waist, and keep your palms facing the ground. Now slowly move your neck upwards and keep your hands straight, lift it up like a neck and raise your legs evenly and take the form of a boat. Stay in this posture for about twenty-five to thirty seconds. Then slowly return to normal posture. Repeat Naukasana 2–3 times. Benefits of sailing It is a virtuous posture to beautify the area around the stomach and navel. Our digestive system is also strengthened by the effect of this asana. When food is digested properly, excess fat is not stored in the body and weight remains under control.



4. Balasana Yoga


Yoga to lose weight Balasan method Do balasana asana first, then bend your knees and sit on your knees. Bend forward, making bodyweight at the joints, and breathe. Now your hands should be straight and the palms should be towards the ground. Make sure that your chest should touch the front of your thighs and knees. Also, your head should touch the ground. Do this asana for three to five minutes, then take some rest and repeat this asana four to five times. Benefits of balasana This asana is quite useful for fast weight loss. With this asana, the fat of the stomach, waist, and thighs begin to decrease immediately. The regular use of Balasan strengthens the muscles of the body. If the belly has come out, and the navel has started to come out of the button of the shirt, Balasana will solve your problem in a few days. By doing this posture daily for five to ten minutes in the morning, the stomach will start to come out immediately.


5. Yoga Cycling


How to do yoga cycling Lay the seat and lie on your back. Your face should be towards the sky. Now raise both your legs above the ground. As you ride the actual cycle, you start moving the pedals round in the air. Remember that while doing this asana, both your hands should be directly connected to the ground and the palms should be attached to the ground. Cycling straight for a while, then cycling along with the paddle at the same length. Do this exercise for ten to fifteen minutes in the morning. If you feel more tired, take a break in the middle and relax in the normal posture. Benefits of yoga cycling This exercise removes fat from the legs. Knees are strengthened by yoga cycling. And this exercise makes our stomach muscles very strong. By cycling yoga, the problem of stomach gas is also reduced and the fat stored in the stomach is reduced. Yoga to lose weight


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6. Pull posture


How to make a bridge pose First, collect the asana and lie on your back. Keep the face towards the sky. After that, after joining both the knees, rest the soles of both feet on the ground. Place both your hands directly on the floor. Now exhaling, gently press the reed bone. Now take a deep breath and press your feet on the floor. Now raise your waist as high as you can. Stay in this state for one minute for about a minute, then exhale and lie down in the normal state. Benefits of doing bridge posture By this asana, the reed bone of the body is strengthened and straightened. This is a great workout for the waist section. The posture is flexible. The neck is relieved by this asana. The main properties of this asana are to strengthen the muscles of the body and remove excess abdominal fat.



7. Halasana — Hull posture


This asana got its name due to the size of the plow of the farmer, which is used to dig up the soil before farming. How to do halasana (plow pose) Lie on your back with your arms beside you. While breathing, raise your feet 90 degrees off the floor on the strength of your abdominal muscles. While exhaling, raise your feet and back with the help of your hands above the floor. Move your feet above your head at an angle of 180 degrees and place it back on the floor. Your back should be perpendicular to the floor. Initially, it will be difficult but do it for a few moments. Rest a few moments in this mudra and keep breathing continuously. Rest in this pose for about a minute (a few moments in the beginning), then slowly bring your feet back and exhale.


Tips for Halasan (plow pose)


Do this asana slowly and effortlessly. Do not stress your neck too much. Help your back with your shoulders and bring your shoulders near your ears. When you bring your body back, there is no shock.



Five advantages of Halasana.


1. The muscles of the neck, shoulders, abdomenArticle Submission, and back are openly strengthened.

2. Abdominal fat is low.

3. It provides strength and flexibility to waist muscles.

4. The thyroid gland is assisted and immunity is increased.

5. It also helps to darken the gray hair of the head.



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