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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Worried about Tooth Loss? Ask Us about Immediate Dental Implants

Being faced with the prospect of tooth loss, whether that loss is just one tooth or multiple teeth is never pleasant and can be quite difficult to come to terms with. Then there is the question of replacing them as this is something that ideally needs to be done as soon as possible, for both health and cosmetic reasons.

In the past this would have meant using a dental bridge or even a denture to fill in any gaps, or to replace complete arches of missing teeth, but these can be less than perfect solutions, especially as they can negatively affect any remaining natural teeth and dentures are often tricky to wear. Luckily nowadays there are newer and much better forms of tooth replacement available, one of which is dental implants.

How Can Dental Implants Replace Teeth?

Dental implants are very similar to natural tooth roots as a titanium post is inserted into the jawbone and used to firmly support a replacement tooth. At the moment, this is by far the best and most long-lasting way to replace missing teeth, but the entire process can often take several months to complete.

This is because conventional implant techniques require the tooth to be extracted then the empty socket is left to heal for several months before the implant post is inserted. Once inserted, the post is then left in position for several months so the bone around the post can form new cells that will stick to the surface of the post, holding it firmly in the jawbone so it becomes fully integrated with the bone. In the meantime patients are provided with a temporary tooth. However there is often a quicker solution.

Placing Dental Implants at the Same Time as Tooth Extraction

Conventional methods of tooth extraction can sometimes cause damage to the surrounding bone as the tooth is removed. This can be inevitable in spite of the skill of the surgeon. Contemporary Periodontics & Implant Surgery will often use a technique called atraumatic extraction which causes minimal damage to the surrounding socket and bone so it is much easier to place dental implants at the same time. This is the ideal situation as Dr. Navid Rahmani the periodontist always recommends patients replace missing teeth as soon as possible, and this is due to a few different reasons.

Advantage of Replacing Teeth Immediately with Dental Implants

Firstly, the sooner lost teeth are replaced the sooner patients will feel better about their appearance, increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem. Missing teeth can result in the facial features appearing as if they have collapsed inwards, a look that can be prematurely aging. Secondly, tooth loss can make it difficult to eat properly, and if you end up restricting your food choices then it could mean you end up missing out on essential nutrients and vitamins. Thirdly, tooth loss affects any remaining teeth and they are more likely to shift out of position which can create problems with your bite, and they are more at risk of breaking down or fracturing because all the forces created during eating will be concentrated on fewer teeth rather than spread over a complete mouthful.

Atraumatic extraction and immediate dental implants  might not be suitable for everyoneBusiness Management Articles, but if you do need to have teeth extracted then it is well worth your while asking the periodontist Dr. Rahmani about this method. Dental implants can be used to create beautifully natural smiles so no-one need know you have suffered from tooth loss.

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