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Friday, January 17, 2020
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Xanax bars: The Best Anxiety Reliever Medicine

Xanax bars (Schedule IV drug) known as Alprazolam (generic name) is a benzodiazepine used for the treatment of anxiety and related problems like panic disorders etc.

Xanax bars works by acting on the nervous system and produces a calming effect by enhancing natural chemicals called GABA in the body. Xanax is also used as a sedative before surgery.

 Each Xanax bar, 2mg, contains .25 to 2mg of Alprazolam, Inactive ingredients include corn starch, sodium, lactose, cellulose, sodium benzoate, and silicon dioxide.

 Dosage of Xanax bars?

The patient is advised to take Xanax bars orally as per the prescription of the doctor, preferably at bedtime, dosage depends upon the age, medical condition, and requirement of the patient. The patient should not try to himself increase or decrease Xanax dosage since it may cause severe side- effects.


Xanax bar is 2mg divided equally into four doses of .25mg each, which can be broken and consumed as per prescription.

In case of Emergency due to overdosage, the doctor should be immediately informed at 911 (US) or poison control center should be called up immediately.

Precautions Before taking Xanax –

Before starting Xanax medication patient should read the instruction leaflet provided along with the medicine carefully, apart from this certain precautions should be kept in mind beforehand to avoid side-effects or mishappenings like –


The doctor should make sure that the patient is not allergic to other benzodiazepines like diazepam or lorazepam etc.

The patient or his family should not have any allergy or history of allergies.

He should not be suffering from any lung disease or breathing problem.

There should be no addition of alcohol or drugs like marijuana, glaucoma, etc. since it leads to drowsiness.


Patients should not undertake any activity that may require attentiveness of mind like driving or operating any heavy machinery since this may lead to severe accidents.

In case Xanax is being used before any surgery, the doctor should make sure the patient is not allergic to any drugs.

Xanax should be carefully administered to elders since it may cause severe side – effects like drowsiness or lack of coordination.

Xanax bars are not to be recommended to pregnant ladies as it may have adverse effects on the fetus.

Effects on Nursing mothers

 Also, in the case of nursing mothers, Xanax may show the undesirable impact on the infant, so it is not to be prescribed to lactating mothers.


Xanax may interact with some products like kava, sodium oxybate.

Other drugs that may affect the working of Xanax include medicines used for the treatment of HIV, Drugs used as anti-depressants, antifungals, antibiotics like erythromycin, rifamycins, drugs used to treat seizures, St. John,s wort, etc.


Any history of intake of any such drugs may be informed to the doctor on priority.

Smoking may also affect how Xanax reacts, so the doctor should be informed about the patient's history of smoking if any.

It is considered unlawful to share the medicine with anybody.

The doctor should undergo regular tests of the patient to make sure Xanax is not showing any side-effects.

Advice for Panic Attack patients –

In case the patient is being administered with 4mg Xanax per day, or more should be careful that it may cause severe emotional and physical dependence due to which it may be difficult for the patent to terminate treatment.

 In a study where patients were given Xanax for 6-8 weeks, 7-29% of patients were not able to discontinue Xanax. But, its discontinuation was much easier for patients taking dosage less than 4mg/day.

In any case, the doctor should carefully reduce the dosage of Xanax under his supervision.

Storage and disposal Instructions –

For best results, Xanax bars are to be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight or moisture, also should be carefully kept away from children and pets.

Expired or unused Xanax bars should not be thrown carelessly; proper advice should be taken from a pharmacist regarding how it is to be disposed of without harm.

Side- Effects of Xanax Bars -

Regular consumption of Xanax as per prescription may not generally show any severe side effects. If the very high dosage of Xanax is suddenly stopped, it may cause withdrawal symptoms, which may include seizures.

If used for the very long term, this medicine may also cause addiction; in some cases, it stops working in which doctor should be immediately consulted.

It may also cause drowsiness, dizziness, change in sex drive, mood swings, hallucinations, depression, which may lead to suicidal thoughts, yellow eyes or skin, loss of coordination, trouble in walking.

It may also cause allergic reactions like rashes, itching, swelling of throat or face or tongue, difficulty in breathingHealth Fitness Articles, etc.

Immediate doctor's help should be taken in case of any of the above side- effects.


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