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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Beeswax Candles

Candles – they have been the same from the time that they’ve been invented up to today’s generation. Their purpose has never changed. From the first ever candle made up of a whale fat, the producti...

Candles – they have been the same from the time that they’ve been invented up to today’s generation. Their purpose has never changed. From the first ever candle made up of a whale fat, the production and the chemical components have improved and became more abundant. From the laborious processes that a candle had to go through during the ancient times, candles are can now be made through paraffin, soy and even through the wax naturally produced by the honeybees called the beeswax.


Beeswax candles produce light the exact same way that the paraffin and soy candles do. These candles even have a more welcoming, warmer mood and the best way to trim down your electric bills! The best thing about beeswax candles is that, they are definitely easy to make. It can be a perfect example of a do-it-yourself thing and it is very useful.


The easiest and fastest way in creating beeswax candles is by rolling the beeswax around the wick. The procedure is not actually complicated. You will only need a couple of things that can commonly found at home and you can already start your first beeswax candle. After reading this blog, you will learn how to create a good candle out of beeswax.   


The things that you will need include a beeswax sheet, braided candle wick, hair dryer and scissors.  The beeswax sheet should be made up of 100 percent pure beeswax. It can be bought in any candle store. This makes your job ten times easier – you no longer need to melt a honeycomb, filter the debris and dip the wicks into the melted wax over and over again. You can already save yourself from the hassle and the mess of doing a laborious project like that. It will also reduce the risk of burning your skin.


The procedure is even easier compared to the description above that even kids can do this by themselves:


n  You have to cover the entire working surface with a clean cloth or paper to avoid having damages and to protect the table surface from wax build up as well.

n  Lay the beeswax sheet on the surface and gently heat the edge with a hairdryer. Be careful in heating the edge to maintain the natural comb form. The edge should be a little pliable but not sticky. Focus on the edge where they should not be melted completely.

n  You have to put the wick over the heated edge with about an inch or more portion left overhanging on one end.

n  Gently cover it with the softened wax edge by curling it.

n  After doing the instructions above, roll the covered wick until the sheet has completely taken over the entire thing. Be careful in rolling the sheet – the comb shape should not be deformed and it should be evenly and tightly rolled on the edges. You may also soften the wax by reheating it with the hairdryer if necessary.

n  When your beeswax candle is almost finishedBusiness Management Articles, soften the edge with the hairdryer once again and gently press the end of the sheet to seal it. This process should be done carefully yet with a little pressure in order for the sheet not to unroll.

n  Cut the wick at the bottom of the beeswax candles.


Then your beeswax candles is done! You may place this candle on a candle holder for decoration. This can also be a good personalized gift to a friend or a relative. Try it! It’s an easy and   fun thing to do at home.

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