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Monday, August 19, 2019
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Best WOW Gold Guide: Utilizing The Best Gold Farming Classes

The mage class is considered one of the best to make gold with if you’re a gold farming vet. This is because of the mage class' ability to lure mobs almost as much as they want, and that they can do some cool area damage that other classes can't. You can notice why this ability is considered so valuable if used smartly. But how can you put the mage's ability and put it all together to create some serious gold. 

In the World of Warcraft, you can discover two of the all-time best WOW gold farming classes. The best and original gold farming class is the Hunter. No other class can level as fast and no other class is as easy to play as a Hunter, especially a Beast Mastery specced Hunter. You just send in your pet and start shooting. That is why it is extremely recommend that players create a Hunter any time they move to a new server; they are the perfect gold farming class.
At level 17, the hunters become even more powerful as they get a speed buff called Aspect of the Cheetah that helps them travel faster. If played correctly and with the right talent spec, Hunters have almost zero down time which makes them the ultimate gold farming machines.
The Best WOW Gold Guide also shows that you can also discover the best new gold farming class which is the Death Knight. If you have at least one level 55 character on any server and have purchased the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, you may want to consider creating a Death Knight. Death Knights are very unique as they are the very first World of Warcraft hero class.
This class is perfect for gold farming due to its sheer offensive power not to mention they are a plate wearing class that makes them almost impossible to kill. Death Knights also possess great area of effect abilities that can damage multiple mobs at once. They also have impressive self-healing abilities that result in minimal downtime.
Similar to Hunters, they also have various pets such as a ghoul and gargoyle which are loyal companions in battle. Once you finish all of the Death Knight quests in the phased starting area you should have powerful blue gear plus an epic mount that will give you quick travel to lucrative farming locations.
Here are some quick tips that you can get from the Best WOW Gold Guide. Set your keyboard to auto-loot all of the items from a mob's corpse. Always set your hearthstone to the nearest inn to where you are farming gold. Before you start a gold farming session, empty your bags. When you hearth back to town sell all the grey items to a vendor and mail your valuable items to an Auction House mule. Be efficient with your abilities and conserve your energyScience Articles, mana and rage. And carry plenty of bandages and health potions and use them instead of food to speed up your farming.

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Well, there are just few of the many ways to make some gold with the WOW mage class. Using the best WoW gold guide, you can surely discover more.

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