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Friday, November 27, 2020
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Crucible, Crucible Steel, and Crucible Tong Information

From the earliest attempts to make lead into gold and to the more modern use of making those empty soda cans into a replacement part for that model plane, crucibles have been an absolute necessity ...

From the earliest attempts to make lead into gold and to the more modern use of making those empty soda cans into a replacement part for that model plane, crucibles have been an absolute necessity in metal casting. Crucibles are placed inside of the furnace where the metal is placed and then melted. The crucible then collects the melted alloy which will then be poured into the model. Since the crucible will be holding metals melted at extremely high temperatures the crucible will need to be created from very strong material. The durability of the crucible will add a certain aspect of safety to the metal casting process. Using a crucible that is low in quality can result in shattering, which, let's face it, is never ever a good thing.  Any crucible at any given moment can shatter or fail which is why using appropriate safety gear at all times is so important. In order to handle the crucible which will be red hot you will need to wear boots, jeans, and gloves.  The tools for lifting the crucible from the furnace and then the tool for tilting the crucible so that the molten metal will pour easily into the mold will vary crucible from crucible. Those that make their own crucible will be able to create them in an identical manner so the same tools can be used. The idea of these tools is to make sure that the crucible can be safely and securely lifted and poured. You will never want to directly touch a hot crucible, even with gloves. For those that either can not or will not make a home made crucible can buy a crucible and tools from any of the online stores. A common material for crucibles is graphite as it can withstand the molten metal. Many who cast metal will prefer using graphite crucibles as it can prevent impurities from being introduced into the gold or other precious metal being used.  Another option is the Silicon Carbide crucible. Silicon Carbide is a great though expensive alternative to the graphite crucible.  A crucible made from Silicon Carbide can handle rougher treatment then graphite so if you are not particularly gentle with your toys then this is a terrific option. Yet another option available to the home foundry is creating your very own crucible. Many don't really recommend this since commercially created crucible tend to be more durable and will instill a bit more confidence in the casters. It is, however, possible to create a crucible as many of us will at one time or another. If you plan on creating your own crucible then keep this in mind. There are a few areas of home metal casting where you should not cut corners, these definitely include crucibles. The crucibles job is the transportation of incredibly hot molten metal which can easily exceed 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and is really the only thing between you and this metal. When you plan on melting metals with extremely high melting points you will need crucibles made from material that will cost a little extra. Spend that money and do so gladly since it is just a small price to pay for your safety. Crucibles should only be used to melt one kind of metal. If you have always melted aluminum but decide to try melting brass then you will need a new crucible. This is done for safety reasons. RememberComputer Technology Articles, a crucible is not meant to last forever. Always check your crucible before use to make sure there are not cracks or imperfections if there are then do not use that crucible. Crucibles come in a variety of sizes and can be made from a variety of materials. It all depends on the type of metal to be used and the size of the job. Never skimp on the price of this tool and always follow safety guidelines and use common sense when dealing with a hot crucible.

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