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Thursday, December 9, 2021
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FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling and FDM Prototyping

FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling is said to be one type of a free-form fabrication technologies being developed Stratasys Inc. As this technology utilizes high force ABC plastic it is one of the...

FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling is said to be one type of a free-form fabrication technologies being developed Stratasys Inc. As this technology utilizes high force ABC plastic it is one of the most preferred technologies for prototyping plastic parts which require force. The Fused Deposition Modeling is a method of layered manufacturing which extrudes a very thin drop of plastic, just one layer at a time. A string of plastic is supplied into an extrusion cranium where this string is heated into a state of semi-liquid form and then extruded via a very tiny passage onto the other layer of the substance. Support substance is even being laid down in the same method. 


How it Works? FDM is also said to be a solid based rapid prototype method which extrudes substances to build a model layer by layer. FDM is also the second most extensively utilized technology of rapid prototyping after SLA or Stereolithography. Actually, a plastic string is being released from a coil and then provides substances to an extrusion syringe. This syringe is then heated to melt the stored plastic it also has a mechanism that allows the flow of the melted plastic to turn on and off when required. This syringe is later mounted to a mechanical phase that can be shifted both in vertical and horizontal directions.


As the syringe is shifted over the desk in the much needed calculations it drops a thin drop of extruded plastic to create a single layer. This plastic later hardens immediately after being squeezed from the syringe and merges to the lower layer. This complete procedure continues within a chamber that is held at a temperature which is below the plastics melting point.      


Other Substances Included in this Process: Several other substances are also available for this procedure which includes investment casting was and ABS as they offer excellent strength. Most recently, poly (phenyl) sulfone or polycarbonate substances were also introduced that expand the capacities of this method further in terms of temperature and strength. Support construction is being constructed for overhanging geometries and then is detached by breaking it away from those objects. Even a water-soluble support substance that can just be washed away is available these days.


This particular method is quiet easy and office friendly. FDM process is also considered to be rather fast for small parts in the category of a few cubic inches or with those having tall and thin form factors. However, it can even be slow for those parts with wide cross segments. The conclusion of producing parts with this method has been significantly improved over these years. However, they are not quite on average compared to Stereolithography. Three dimensional printing is yet another competitor to the procedure of FDM. NeverthelessComputer Technology Articles, FDM offers wide range and greater strength of substances compared to the implementations of three dimensional products from Z Corporation.       


Advantages and Disadvantages: One of the main advantages of utilizing the method of FDM is the durable parts which can be made by using waxes and few other engineering plastics. One of the main drawbacks of utilizing the method of FDM is that these parts normally take longer time to create and the layering is undoubtedly noticeable because of the process of extrusion.

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