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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Getting the Right Tibetan Silver Wholesale

There is an increasing popularity of Tibetan silver jewelry. It is good to know something about it and save money by buying Tibetian silver wholesale rates.

If you have a jewelry business, some customers may specifically want their items be made of Tibetan silver. Especially when you get lots of orders for this metal, you may consider buying Tibetan silver wholesale from your favorite dealers on the internet. When I was researching for Tibetan silver, I came across many articles containing information about this kind of metal.

Reading these articles, you will realize that buying Tibetan silver wholesale may not actually be the items that you thought you are buying. They may be cheap, but you might be buying from a seller who label there products as genuine sterling or Tibetan silver, when in fact very little or no silver is contained on them. Some silver pieces were put under test and the results came out not good.

It was found out that the dominant metals on the tested items were zinc, copper, and nickel; and silver was just about 1 or 2 percent. One of the items even contained lead 54 percent and arsenic 1.3 percent, a carcinogen and can poison a wearer. Lead is usually added to other components to add weight to the product. These items are prohibited to be worn especially by children and pregnant women.

The authentic silver pieces are quite expensive. They should consist of 92.5 percent silver, with the remaining 7.5 percent made up of copper or other metals. It occurred to me then that when you buy Tibetan silver wholesale you are just buying a name has no guarantee about the amount of silver that it contains.

The beauty and lower prices of Tibetan silver jewelry items make the metal popular for jewelry making, as advertised on the internet and many trade publications. Moreover, they are selling in increasing numbers online. If you are buying Tibetan silver wholesale for your creations, you may put yourself at a risk of paying for this misrepresented advertisement. When items are described as silver, silver color, or silver tone, be aware that the description refers only to the metal color, rather than the actual silver content.

The items that you can buy in Tibetan silver wholesale include beads, bead caps, spacer beads, toggles, pendants, hangers, and an entire jewelry piece. Be careful when using these in your creations, because jewelry is in constant touch with the skin, and if the Tibetan silver that you are using contains lead in significant amounts, this may cause some problems in the wearers health. Authentic gemstones and precious metals are always available at pandahall. Some other sellers, though maybe doing it unaware, may offer you unauthentic silver jewelry and components.

It is very important that you know how to buy the right Tibetan Silver wholesale and the store where you buy them. If you have always bought your jewelry making supplies online, try visiting pandahall. It is a jewelry making supplies dealer where you can find the genuine Tibetan silver that you may be looking for. You can ask them lots of question before placing your order, and you can expect to get honest repliesHealth Fitness Articles, especially when the authenticity of Tibetan silver is concerned.

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Pandahall is the best place to buy Tibetan silver wholesale now and save money.

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