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Monday, August 19, 2019
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Glass Mosaic Tile Art: Shop Around for Tools and Supplies

Always shop around before buying mosaic tools and materials.† Many glass vendors now sell on the Internet.† Some are great, some not so great.

Making wonderful glass mosaic tile art is easy!† Let me show you how.

Always shop around before buying mosaic tools and materials.† Many glass vendors now sell on the Internet.† Some are great, some not so great.† Some have a huge selection, but lousy prices and service.† Some have a lousy selection, but great prices.† Shop around before buying and youíll eventually find a vendor you like.

Price differences among online vendors can be significant.† For example, I found the exact same Glas-Snapper at several online stores ranging in price from $3 to $7.† Some vendors have great prices for glass but high mark-up on tools, and vice-versa.† Decide whether shipping costs are worth splitting your order between two vendors or if itís better to order everything from a single vendor who provides the best overall price.

Some online vendors with great prices are mom-and-pop operations, so donít be surprised if what you receive isnít exactly what you ordered.† I find the lack of quality control of some online vendors quite baffling, but they have such good prices that I donít mind if they make minor mistakes on large orders that save me $100.

Donít forget to try your favorite hobby store in town.† The one near me has a lousy selection of tools, but has a great selection of stained glass.† Their regular prices are comparable to most online stores, but they also have 40%-off coupons every few weeks, so I can buy a 12-inch square of stained glass on sale for half the online price, plus I avoid paying shipping charges.

Ensure you check the shipping charges before buying online.† Does the vendor charge shipping based on weight or the cost of your order?† Glass and tools are heavy, so if they charge by weight, the shipping charges may surprise you.† Additionally, some online vendors charge "boxing" fees that average about $7 per order.

Is service important to you?† Iíve dealt with online vendors with cheap prices but they wouldnít give me the time of day when I emailed questions.† Long ago when I first thought about using stained glass, I had all kinds of questions that now might sound silly.† But they werenít silly to me at the time because stained glass was a new world for me and I didnít know much about it.† I used the vendor's "Contact Us" link on their website to ask my first question.† I never got a reply, even after three tries.† Needless to say, I never ordered anything from that vendor, regardless of their cheap prices.

Contrary to that experience, I found an excellent online store specializing in 3/4-inch square vitreous glass tile.† I emailed them a couple of questions and immediately got a detailed, friendly response.† I followed-up with more questions and got the same quick response.† I was pleased with their willingness to help and their patience with my questions.† Although their online prices arenít the cheapest, I have placed several $150 orders with them.

Remember, making mosaic art is easy. You can do it.† YesHealth Fitness Articles, you can!

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Bill Enslen has created lovely mosaic art for 30 years. His new eBook, Mosaic Pieces: Essentials for Beginner and Professional Mosaic Artists, gives you step-by-step details for creating your own mosaic masterpieces. Visit his website and read the free sample chapters at Glass Mosaic Tile Art.† Let him show you just how easy it is. With Bill's help, you can do it.† Yes, you can!

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