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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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The fascinating radio control helicopter world

Talking about the gyro radio control helicopter, the latter is not that expensive device that manages the queue but a physical object that rotates at a constant speed

The gyro is an important radio control helicopter part. At the moment we draw the conclusion that higher torque at higher precession rate this seems obvious. The higher the moment of inertia of the disk will lower its rate of precession or be more stable, and exactly to the speed of rotation.

However, a 3D helicopter uses a high number of laps to get maneuverability, seems a contradiction but everything is explained.

The Precession

When increasing the step in the advancing blade on the left, is a pair of shift that causes gyroscopic precession of the plane formed by the blades, the helicopter's nose up in the example.

Control of cycle

The cycle is fantastic; it involves the roll and radio control helicopter pitch controls, elevator and aileron-like surface, to monitor any point swivel up and down according to a complete cycle. From the point of view of the pilot the plane is fixed, but mechanically it is spinning, so the cyclic control plate has two parts that reproduces the lower fixed pilot's wishes and becomes a higher elementary movement of the servo a more complex rotary motion.

Are you wondering how the cyclic control? When we try to lower the nose of the helicopter swash plate leans forward, this causes an increase in the right corner of the palette of the stabilizer bar as the bar is a radio control helicopter gyroscopic precession which will make a lift 90 degrees the plane is late or back, and it will move ahead, when the pallet passes through the nose is lower and push the right paddle from behind increasing angle of attack and therefore the lift, but not at this time may rise because the gyroscopic stiffness and prevents it makes 90 degrees below and the plane of the blades back and down up front.

Playing with two gyroscopic precessions of the bar and the blades has managed to imitate the helicopter swash plate movement leaning forward. The plate movement whatever is playing on the plane of the blades is what we need for the helicopter to move in the desired direction. The radio control helicopter stabilizer bar is a gyroscopic system "small" and easily controllable in turn controls the main rotor, gyroscopic system much heavier and too powerful to be controlled cyclic direct control. Most real helicopters do not carry this bar but that's another topic.

Although the gyro oriented device that holds the tail of the radio control helicopter, is a misnomer, that is a contradiction gyroscopeArticle Search, inertial sensors these pieces there is nothing to turn inside the old gyroscopes.

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