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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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The History and Imagery of Candles

Itís not often a person sits down and thinks about the history and imagery of candles but if you sit down by a candle and gaze into the flickering light on the wall across from you a calming sense will overcome you and it will be very clear that the history behind the candle is an interesting one.

There is a phrase, ďif I could be a fly on the wall.Ē Well this writer wishes they could be a candle in the room of history. Candles have born witness to countless historic events. They helped to shed light on our founding fathers as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were penned. They stood by and lighted the path way of Paul Revere as he warned of the British were coming and they undoubtedly lighted the way for many of the most cherished writings of John Lennon. Itís even somewhat comical to think that Thomas Edison invented the modern light bulb under the watchful eyes of many a candle that gave their lives so electricity could be born. A simple companion or even a bystander of historical events but where would we be now if not for the glowing light of yesterdayís candles?

If the real world history of candles hasnít moved you itís likely the cinematic imagery of candles has played a significant part of your life. Who can forget the candle laden castles in the old Dracula movies? Candles served as the only light for unsuspecting victims in many a monster movie. What served as their only connection to the world usually gave them away to a grueling end. Candles helped to shape the golden era of monster movies!

They also helped to usher in the golden era of romance movies. All love movie addicts will melt of the thought of all of the scenes where their favorite Bo entranced their beauty over a candle lit romantic movie. You cried! Everyone has cried at one point or another. If you havenít then you need to set up your own romantic candle lit dinner with your significant other.

As with our busy life styles candles have evolved over the last few hundred years. Theyíve become a work horse for many by providing refreshing smells. For example, Village candles give off an aromatic smell that can bring back memories, freshen up small areas and give an overwhelming sense of calm to anyone in the room. Itís proof of the continuously adaptive behavior of candles. We no longer need candles for their warm glow so now they are serving a different utilitarian purpose for those who just canít live without them.

Whatís interesting is that the Village candle you use to freshen up your living area in your home can revert back to itís previous incarnation as a light source at any given time. The ability to regress is not native to many items but a cancel can become that old time source of light when the Edisonís electric light bulb fails to produce for you. Not only has the cancel evolved to remain a vital part of your daily routine, it can simply revert to meet all of your previous needs!

As you can most clearly seeHealth Fitness Articles, candles have been overlooked as utilitarian tools that are just simply there to service a purpose. The next time you light up a candle for some mindless task take a few minutes to gaze into it and think about the history that candles have seen and youíll likely develop a deeper appreciation for them.

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Kimberly Green is not only a history buff but a candle lover too! Village candles and WoodWick candles are always found in her home.

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