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Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Video Games and Gaming Spore

The Spore series of Creature Creators and the actual EA game take you through the wondrous adventure of a being from the cell stage to the space era. The civilizations, buildings, transportation choices, and scenery reflect the evolution of your creature along the way.

The complexity of the Spore video game program will stagger the mind, the graphics will entice the senses, and ease of play will astound even the newest video games and gaming player. The Creature Creator series alone would keep you mesmerized for hours at a time. Delving into the world of Spore in the main game will not only tap the unused portions of the brain, but instill a retention to the scientific verbiage and understanding of theory whether or not you buy into the theory of evolution.

The structure of this intense game will gain you a better idea of societies and civilizations as a whole just by playing. It teaches basic Sociology, points of Geology, History to some extent, Physics, and many more subtle lessons as you venture along through the worlds.

Coming up with some helpful tips for new players was quite an easy undertaking. While I left out the trial and error issues (for the most part) because they are part of the discovery of  Spore, I wanted to list some rather important tips that I would have found useful before I began the game.

Beginning from the early creature directly following the cell stage, the list of Creature Creator Stages is as follows: Creature Creator for fully evolved creatures; The Tribal Outfitter; The Civilization Outfitter; and The Space Outfitter. These Creations will be used by the computer (depending on which stage you are in): The Cell Stage; Creature Stage; Tribal Stage; The Civilization Stage; or Space Stage.

The Cell Stage: Starts with the beginning of your Planet choice (at this time, omnivorous feeding is not yet a choice) You must work for an omnivorous mouth and it is the most challenging of the three: Omnivorous; Carnivorous; and Herbivorous. Your creature floats around eating plant cells (herbivore) and meat cells (carnivore) and calls their mates to follow sonic waves to find them to mate.

Choosing Your Theme: Choose "No Theme" for a random generation. Creations you have made on the Creature Creators will be randomly generated into the game at different intervals :) Your creations ... in game!

A Tip: Going to the Creature Creator Section to create a "Space" something will automatically unlock that section of the game, but we do suggest going from Stage to Stage as you develop. Each Zone Creation that you make will allow access into said zone. Remember that each stage unlocks different things in the latter stages and the Creature and Cell Stages are the only two where you can actually customize your creations body.

The eating process gains you cell points to evolve into a larger creature. As you get bigger the dangers to you also increase. It is survival of the fittest really here and you can destroy other creatures for their cell parts. This will be how you attain the role of omnivore if you wish. I did find the spit poison cell part to be a bit overrated but if this is an option for you, use it until you can find another part.

So what happens when your creature gets destroyed or eaten? You just go back to wherever you last evolved from. You can also check this periodically by viewing your History. While checking this area, you are completely safe from enemies.

Tips for the Omnivorous Mouth: If you are trying for an omnivorous adventure here at Spore, either attain the omnivorous mouth (proboscis) while still in the water (Cell Stage) or keep switching between carnivorous and herbivorous mouths so you would stay in keeping with an omnivorous style of feeding, evening out your eating habits. Stay in the blue on your feeding bar.

Perks: Different Stage perks that being either an omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore are exciting. The first perks you receive are: Siren Song for the herbivore's; Summon Flock for the omnivore's; and Raging Roar for the carnivore's.

When you are on the road to a sentient being, you can now think and have a pack of creatures. I recommend keeping with a pack of your own kind as you will know better who they are and what they are likely to do.

Along the way you are unlocking parts and evolving your creature. Once you emerge from the water, the new, strange, wonderful world of the Spore video games and gaming series unfoldsScience Articles, with the race to evolve being first on your agenda.

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