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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Why has the iPod garnered positive consumer reviews?

I have a friend who owns the Apple family. Confused about the statement? She has an iPod, iPad and an Apple iPhone. She is a complete Apple loyalist and it is all because of Apple’s emphasis on quality. 

I have a friend who owns the Apple family. Confused about the statement? She has an iPod, iPad and an Apple iPhone. She is a complete Apple loyalist and it is all because of Apple’s emphasis on quality. As the title of the article says, it has completely redefined the experience of enjoying music. No other rival has been able to beat Apple in terms of branding of the iPod. I read about an interesting point regarding the bridging of hardware and content. Apple was the first to “offer a means for listeners to transfer, catalog, and organize their own music, and a mechanism for consumers to listen to, sample, and inexpensively purchase the music they wanted. They were the first to afford the recording industry, producers, and musicians with a marketing and distribution system that provided wide-scale distribution, dignity and rights to the artists, and well-deserved revenue to those parties.”

The successful merging of some factors led to the iPod state some iPod reviews.

Apple was not the first brand to come out with an MP3 player in the market; it was not even the first to promote a hard drive based player. Apple smartly combined factors like battery life, performance and compatibility with a computer. The quality of the iPod per say is not the finest, but compromises have not been made on these three factors. It did a splendid job of mixing the player and the desktop and the software that combined both the elements. It is no surprise that people have not yet stopped raving about the gadget in their consumer reviews. With the launch of the first iPod in 1991, Apple managed to create a category of digital music that let people enjoy music on the go! Over the years, Apple has managed to retain 70% of their market share.

Apple iPod reviews have also highlighted some clever marketing strategies

Quality is of supreme importance in any gadget. Marketing strategy and target audience also play an important role. With the advent of the iPod, Apple was targeting the younger generation. They were aiming for an audience, who tried out new technology and was open to experimentation. It seemed to work in the brand’s favor and most of the early buyers were students. It was the Mp3 player for the next generation.

Apple iPod reviews bring out the strength of the brand

Since 2001, Apple has gained a strong foothold in the market. The present version of the gadget is in the 5th generation. The design is largely simple and it offers a good storage capacity. The current version can also show movies, which is a remarkable achievement! I came across an interesting fact about Apple, which brings out the power of the brand. I read that cars have been designed in a unique way. Docking ports have been included that ensure easy integration of the iPod with the music system of the car.

Not-so-positive iPod reviews recorded for the fifth generation model

Good times do come to an end. Though Apple has garnered a great deal of positive reviews, criticism has been received as well. It seems as if users have experienced trouble in receiving verification for the update of iOS 6.1. But, the uniqueness of the gadget cannot be denied. It introduced the first largely marketed player that could be connected to an online music library. Apple scored brownie points over all its rivals due to the supremacy of technology and the ability to innovate. In spite of the flaws, negative iPod reviews cannot outrun the positive ones.

Apple iPod reviews changed the perception of the brand

The advent of the iPod changed the outlook of people towards the brand. Before the gadget was released, it was seen as a company manufacturing computers. It was one of the gadgets that enhanced the mainstream appeal of the brand. I must say that the pocket sized gadget created a massive impact and helped in revamping the image of the brand. By the timeFree Web Content, rivals realized the genius of Apple; it had created a separate league of its own. Apple iPod reviews can vouch for the fact.

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