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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Why RC Vehicles Are Fun For The Whole Family

Is it really possible for families to enjoy their leisure time together with remote control or RC vehicles, without falling out with each other? What’s the likelihood that every individual in a family unit could have a passion for ‘burning rubber’ with their very own RC vehicle?

Read on to discover how, as parents, you can participate in a hobby that enables you to enjoy and share quality time with your children. As for your children, RC vehicles can be enjoyed by girls as much as boys. Otherwise, indulge in your RC hobby with your partner or members of your local RC Club, and, after assembling your dream RC vehicle yourself, hone your racing skills!

RC vehicles are fun for families!

For families, participation in an RC hobby can strengthen child/parent bonds and sibling bonds. For your children, appreciation of the value of saving money as a responsible way of financing the purchase of their desired RC vehicle can only be a good thing. On the other hand, RC vehicles would make great birthday and Christmas gifts for your children.

Indeed, you may have previously experienced the thrills and spills of RC vehicle racing in your childhood, and now have a reason and passion to share this earlier enjoyment of RC vehicles with your own children.

RC vehicles are fun for children!

It’s important to realize that owning and running an RC vehicle isn’t just a boy’s domain. Girls can equally get started very easily with this fun hobby, even going on to beat the boy racers at their own game – both their inductions into racing RC vehicles in fact begins on a level playing field – or should that be racing track?

Boys and girls often ‘separate out’ where hobbies are concerned – for example, in my childhood, my brother and I both enjoyed reading superhero magazines, stamp collecting and constructing model aircraft. On the other hand my sisters enjoyed typically girlie pastimes such as reading popstar magazines and participating in hobbycraft projects. Not an RC vehicle in sight!

RC vehicles are fun for couples, partners and singles!

Your family unit may consist of you, your partner and (optionally) your pets and/or fluffy toys. Even so, that doesn’t exclude you from taking up RC vehicle construction and RC vehicle racing as a fun leisure pursuit.

Finally, whether you are a couple or single, you can join your local RC Club and meet like minded people to enjoy your RC hobby with, make new friends and expand your social network of RC vehicle enthusiasts.

How soon would you like to get started? It can be as simple as ‘RTR’ or ‘ready to run’, straight out of the box with your RC vehicle. Even so, perhaps you may firstly want to get cracking with RC kits and building your own RC vehicle. Indeed, however you begin your journey as an RC vehicle enthusiast, it’s important to note that choosing an RC vehicle for you and your family comes down to personal preference, in terms of selecting the RC vehicle that is right for each one of you, their running terrain, size and type of RC vehicle desired.

Therefore, by referring to the following brief guide, you’ll soon be well on your way to becoming an RC vehicle owner and enthusiast:

1.    Firstly, decide on the power source that your RC vehicle will run on:

    a.    RC Nitro Gas Car, requires nitro methane fuel
    b.    RC Electric Car, requires a rechargeable battery pack fuel cell

2.    Secondly, decide on the terrain on which you would like to run your RC vehicle and then opt for your preferred type of RC vehicle:

    a.    RC Off Roaders, a range of automobiles comprising jeeps and buggies, climbing/crawling hammers and trucks
    b.    RC Street Racers, a range of automobiles that include rally and racing cars, drift and touring cars and trucks

3.    Lastly, and very importantly, take into account the following points for your rc vehicle:

    a.    Your budget. Nitro power costs more than electric power
    b.    Size/scale. How limited are you on cost, and possibly space?
    c.    Speed/noise. Engine driven cars are faster. Battery powered cars are much quieter, but petrol heads out there appreciate nitro methane cars due to the realistic sound and smell of nitro engines (eat dirt, sucker!)
    d.    Maintenance requirements. Electric cars are clearly easier to maintain, whereas nitro cars require some cleaning effort

In summary, this article should have provided you with an insight into understanding how one of the most popular hobbies on the planet can be shared with those that are nearest and dearest to you and enjoyed with like minded RC enthusiasts. All that remains for you to do is to choose your RC vehicle wisely, choose wellFree Web Content, but above all... have fun!

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