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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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A Must-have Tool for Increasing Productivity: Password Managers

Do you have so many online accounts that you are constantly trying to remember the usernames and passwords.  Why not save time, while increasing productivity with a password manager?

Today, more than ever, people are working online from home or using the Internet as a secondary source of income.  Generally, it takes several accounts to access the different providers and services necessary to make any online venture profitable.  Internet marketing alone may mean dozens or hundreds of usernames and passwords-which can be very difficult to remember and keep organized. Thus, among many resources for small business, a must-have tool for increasing productivity is Password Manager software.

How Good is Your Memory?

At first, you may try remembering all of your usernames and passwords.  But, it will not be long before you have so many that they get all scrambled up in your head.  Thus, you can spend a lot of wasted time trying to remember the right combination.  If the password cannot be sent to your email address, you may even have to set up a new account, which wastes your valuable time and is very frustrating.

Of course, a lot of people implement the infamous sticky note to keep track of their passwords.  It would be great, but there are two major drawbacks. What good does it have to safeguard your private information, if anyone can check out your sticky notes?  Second, what happens if you lose them?

 Automation is the Key

Resources for entrepreneurs are meant for increasing productivity and making the job easier.  But, what good is it to have all of these online resources, if you cannot access them immediately?  If you can identify with this time consuming and frustrating dilemma of constantly searching for passwords, then you need Password Manager software that securely stores data in an encrypted form.

As far as software programs are concerned, this is one of the best small business resources available on the market today.  Now, you can let your computer be your memory, increasing productivity and simplifying your outreach to the online world. You can have as many accounts as you need.  It is like having an office manager without having to pay a salary.

If you’re an entrepreneur with an online business, you should always be looking for small business resources and strategies to get more done with less effort, increasing productivity and your profits.

With great  Password Manager software, you will have the ability to:

1.  Manage your login information
2.  Auto fill your forms
3.  Store Information securely
4.  Create a master password
5.  Have secure search engine access
6.  Have passwords set for you
7.  Create safenotes (write notes that you can password protect)
8.  Bookmark (save and manage) your favourite websites

With a Password Manager, increasing productivity is easy  because it saves you  the time needed to access and make accounts.  The software will automatically remember your login information, so you no longer have to pause and try to remember how to access an account.  When you have forms to fill out in order to set up a new account, Password Managers can do that for you in the blink of an eye.

Password Managers can also set up a master password that will give you access to all of your accounts without a hassle; and the software will safely and securely store all of your pertinent information. Password Manager software can even generate secure  passwords for you which is absolutely critical to protect your data.  There are several elements  that are necessary to create a secure password - using your personal data is not secure. If you’re not using secure passwords, it’s like locking your door and leaving the key under the doormat.

If you want to simplify how you work, save tons of time and frustration, Password Manager software is one of the best small business resources available. You’ll have an automated assistant to remember all of your vital password details, create secure passwords to protect your data, create new accounts quickly and so much more! A Password Manager is a must-have tool for increasing productivity working online.

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Outsourcing & Productivity Expert Michele Hanson-O’Reggio teaches entrepreneurs and independent service professionals how to grow their business without working more hours to create a wealthy lifestyle. Get advice on password manager software and other resources to simplify, organize, and automate your business at Michele's small business resources website.

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