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Sunday, February 24, 2019
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Achieving Lift Off

... LIFT OFF!!The Hardest PartIs Getting ... by Allan ... theme and the name for this article was taken from astory someone told me about space ... see when it comes to g


The Hardest Part
Is Getting Started

Written by Allan Wilson

The theme and the name for this article was taken from a
story someone told me about space travel.

You see when it comes to getting a rocket into space the
hardest part is in the Lift Off and breaking free of the
earth's gravity.

This is usually the most anxious time for all involved.
Countless hours and many people have been working behind the
scenes to get this rocket into space.

Finally the tense moments of the count down begins. 10...
9... 8... and so on until off it goes and the announcement
is made "We Have Lift Off!"

Then the struggle begins for the rocket to get off the
ground. This rocket could have a journey, which will last
many years in space, yet most of the power and fuel used
will be in just getting started.

As it struggles to leave earth's atmosphere tanks of fuel
are burned up and discarded before it reaches the first
vital point of its journey - space.

Then something amazing happens. There is no more gravity. No
more huge burst of energy and fuel needed. The steering of
the craft becomes much easier and everyone back home in the
control center breath a huge sigh of relief.

The hardest part is over - the rocket is in space.

Sure there is still work to be done. However compared to the
beginning everything now almost runs in automatic.

The Astronauts even have time to see our planet from space
and enjoy the view.

When I heard this story I couldn't help but think how this
compared with an Internet business.

It is almost the same scenario. The hardest part is in the
LIFT OFF! The most difficult part for most people is getting

90-95% of the work involved with your Internet business is
getting started. And once you get going it becomes easier
and while there is still work to be done it almost runs in

Your business can have a very long and successful journey
once you are over that initial hurdle. So much so you can
even start to enjoy the ride.

The point of all this is that while it might be scary in the
beginning it does get easier. And like everything else in
life the more you grow in experience the more confident you
become. BUT none of it will happen until you get started.

One thing is for sure - no one else is going to do it for
you. If you want to just sit on your hands and do nothing,
no amount of Internet marketing know how will help you!

So my advice to you is simple - GET STARTED!


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