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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Create More Contacts By Varying Your Promotion Methods

Most likely, you are ... the growth of your business ... ... how you promote it.So many in network ... promote their ... in a ... fashion. They approach

Most likely, you are restricting the growth of your business by
unknowingly restricting how you promote it.

So many in network marketing promote their opportunity in a very
limited fashion. They approach others with the idea of working
from home or owning their own business.

But is that really the only way you can market?

Now, eventually to sign someone up under you, that subject is
going to have to come up. But still, there are many other ways you
can lead in with people to start with.


I've always maintained that people should not join companies if they
don't believe in the products they will be selling. As well, if you are
not using your company's products yourself, how do you expect to
sell them to your downline?

With that in mind, why not attract more people to your business
opportunity simply by first introducing them to your products? A
happy customer makes a natural prospect for the business
opportunity. Plus, this method can increase your own personal
product sales and encourage even those who choose not to join in
your business to refer others they know to you.


Another way to bring up your business opportunity is to simply talk
about what the company or it's products have done for you. Don't
start out with a business proposition when talking to prospects, but
rather pique their interest by first relating personal stories of how
you have benefited.

Is there a product you use personally that has enriched your life?
Let them know. People recommend products to each other all the
time. This is a natural and non-threatening way to start a
conversation about your company.

As well, you can talk about how you've benefited from having your
own business. Has it made you extra money? Given you more
options? More freedom? Or allowed you or your spouse to quit a
regular job?

People are much more willing to listen to personally related real
benefits than a sales pitch. Once you've interested them with what
your company has done for you, then you can suggest how it could
do the same for them.


Most likely there are others in your company that have intriguing
success stories. Everyone likes to hear about regular people
making it big as it gives them hope of doing the same.

Are there stories you can tell to solicit interest in your company?
Can you then relate them to how you are doing AND how
your prospect has the same potential?

You will need to put everything on a personal level for your
prospect in order to be effective, but often other's success stories
can generate an initial interest you can then build upon.

Using other's personal product or business testimonies can be
effective as well. It lends more credibility to what you are saying if
you have other people's words backing it up.


Think about the business you are in. Is there something exciting
about your industry or market that will interest people? Is it
experiencing rapid growth? Does it have long term profit
potential? If you can relate WHY the market you are in is a great
investment for the future, wouldn't that interest people looking to
take care of their own future?


Finally, you can directly use your business opportunity to interest
some people. However, realize that depending on what group of
people you are talking to, many have already heard too many
generalized 'work from home' offers as it is.

With so many companies offering the same work from home
clichés, it no longer appeals to those that have been around. In
fact, it most likely will turn them away.

That's why it's important to represent a company with real, solid
value. A company with valuable products, that you and
others personally use and benefit from, with successful leaders,
that's in a growing industry, gives you multiple options with which to
attract prospects.

In other words, the better your company, the more there is to talk
about AND the more ways there are to interest prospects into
learning more about it.

Think about the company you represent. Consider the different
aspects of it and how you can talk with others about them.

Unfortunately, there are many network marketing companies that
restrict their members simply because there really just isn't much to
the company to begin with. Opportunities that offer no real value
but rather work solely off selling the 'dream' of working from home
simply do not last.

If you want to build a true life-long residual income, you've got to
seek out a better company with real value in all of the areas
mentioned above.

Sure, playing on emotions and selling 'dreams' is initially appealing,
but it takes real value to keep people around. Consider this when
investing in a network marketing company.

Then, don't restrict your marketing approach to just one method.
You never know what it is about your company that may interest
someone. Working with multiple methods gives you a better
chance of contacting more people and interesting them into learning

Expect More From Your Company...
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*Written by Joe Bingham of the NetPlay Marketer

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Joe Bingham is the editor of the NetPlay Marketer, an online publicaiton dedicated to spreading the reality of what it takes to run a profitable online business.

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