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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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GURU's? Man, Myth, or Monster...

Millions of web pages, millions of web users, millions of offers for ... ... and services via email and other clever & often saavy ... millions of dollars ... hands weekly

Millions of web pages, millions of web users, millions of offers for programs, products, and services via email and other clever & often saavy
resources... millions of dollars exchanging hands weekly. Who do we have to thank for this chaos?

The "self-proclaimed" Guru's!
Who & What are they, man, myth, or monster?

Modern day web marketers are all too familiar with the TERM that strike's fear into the heart of every web NEWBIE... "Oh My"... "Ask the Beave"... "really Wally"... "Dooough"...

The Internet Marketing PRO-fessional GURU has spoken... (have you EVER seen the Wizard of Oz?)

"there's no place like my homepage", "there's no place like my homepage", "there's no place like my homepage"... click your LEFT mouse button 3 times, get 3 referrals, and earn a neverending - lifetime - residual income that rivals only Willy Wonka's patent on the EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER!!

My goodness, how many INFOmercials to you have to painfully watch before you finally GET IT?

Allow me to present a concept, an epiphany of sorts... let me define GURU for you:

"G"roup of intelligent, educated, and saavy web marketers who are "U"nited in the common cause of "R"emoving the hard earned cash from yo"U"r bank account into their own.

In other words... a "TEAM" of collective netizens
committed to extracting every dime they can get from YOUR wallet!

So, let's review... get a pen & paper, and write down every CAPITALIZED letter contained within the statement 2 paragraphs above...

What do they spell? G.U.R.U. - Are you picking UP what I'm laying down here people?

The internet was created for one purpose, the distribution of knowledge... it has turned into a haven of harlots, liars, cheats, and cons. As a member of this worldwide community, YOU have the ability to change that. Never in the history of humanity, has such a powerful tool been made available to the common person. Our world, even today, is defined in terms of education, tax brackets, ethnic origin, pre-ordained privledges, government, & corporate influences.

Where is YOUR VOICE? What Say You now?

Are we ALL not entitled to that same respect, comfort of living, and entitlements as those who are deemed to be the Gifted ones?

I don't have the money to buy a United Nations seat, but there are people in this world that DO.

It's a simple observation of how GURU's have taken control of our known UNIVERSE, and it needs to end... before we ALL end up homeless. Every person that lives on this planet has the right to enjoy, indulge, and experience a fulfilling LIFE.

M.O.N.E.Y. is no more than this, "Mankind's Obvious Neglect, Excluding Yourself"

The world can BE a better placePsychology Articles, and YOU can help... if you want to. I only hope that you do.

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Born on Date: Nov. 22, 2oo4
Author: T.J. Archer
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