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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Have You Forked Your Fish's Tail?

“Have You Forked Your ... by: Dan ... Internet ... been a few weeks since my last article and I pray that all is well with you.You know, I didn’t how

“Have You Forked Your Fish?”
Written by: Dan Pendleton

Hello Internet Friend,

It’s been a few weeks since my last article and I pray that all is well with you.

You know, I didn’t how hard it would be to lose a loved one (my mother), and how long something like this would linger on. It’s tough! But life goes on and we must rebound.

Recently while sitting in the hospital room by my mother’s bed side, my wife, both my sisters and I were talking about old times and swapping stories when my older sister, Gail, started to tell us about her and her husband’s fishing adventure and how she was able to would catch more fish than him.

As she continued, she explained to us how she was now able to bait her own hook and remove the fish from the hook once she caught it, without his help. She was quite proud of herself because she had never been fishing until she met Johnny, her present husband. Now, she’s an expert.

What a thrill! I knew she was a fisherman(woman) at heart.

As time passed and Gail continued with her fishing story, she finally came to a point that absolutely floored all of us so much that we thought we were going to have a massive heart attack and be admitted to the hospital ourselves. We still laugh about it nearly two months later.

What’s amazing is, that sis was so serious I don’t believe she realized what she said until she said it, and the way she said it.

And, without hesitation she launches out with the all too important remark, “and I forked that fish’s tail.”

Trying our best to hold back the tears which flowed at a rapid pace from laughter, one of us, and I don’t know which one, asked sis what the devil was she talking about!

“I mean you know, that’s when you take your knife and cut that fish’s tail so you know it was you if you catch it again.” she replied.

“Do what?”, we screamed “Fork it’s tail? What kind of meanness is that?”

Sis continued right on as if there wasn’t a thing in the world wrong with forking a fish’s tail. I mean if you could have seen the look on her face, boy it was classic.

But you know what, it dawned on me early this morning while eating breakfast, maybe there really is something to ‘forking your fish’s tail‘. It’s a sort of a ‘branding’ technique and it could work in just about anything.

You see, a cattle farmer will do the same thing with the cows and bulls so he/she knows which one is theirs if they are ever lost. Plus, it’s a mark they use at the stockyards for the cattle that are made into beef.

“Not a bad idea”, I thought. You could use this in business too! Branding your customers! Doesn’t that sound interesting?

You see the way I have it figured is, a loyal customer who purchases from you, perhaps on a regular basis, could be ‘branded’ by you as your very own special guest, which can have future benefits as well.

Imagine, and this is my crazy mind running wild, people all over the world who are branded with your special branding symbol stand out above the rest. Maybe something like a colored symbol or sign, or a birthmark. That way I know for sure that I have “forked my fish’s tail” in case I catch you again, and again, and again.

Make sense?

Of course we’ll establish a relationship first, and I’ll be the best possible merchant I can be while providing the tools needed to perhaps, run your business. Business helping business. Isn’t that what it’s all aboutPsychology Articles, anyway?

God bless.

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Dan is an American white male, age 47, living in the central Kentucky area who enjoys the internet and his internet marketing business. Dan is married to a wonderful woman named, Linda. Linda and Dan have just recently became grandparents to a bouncing baby boy, Jeremy. Please stop and check us out at our website.

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