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Sunday, April 5, 2020
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How To Beat The Deadly Business Disease - Rambleitis

If you think you have to be a smooth or slick talker to make it in business, think again. More people have “talked” their way out of business than into it. Make sure you’re not one of them.

In every business sector, even home-based business, a deadly disease exists and it's called Rambleitis. 

You may suffer from it or know of someone who does.

Symptoms are easy to spot. All you have to look for are chronic running of the mouth and little listening or questioning.

Sound familiar?

The problem is curable in three easy steps: awareness, restraint and new skills.

When you're new to business, you're understandably nervous, anxious, and hopeful you'll attract new clients to your business. 

When asked what you do, do you start into a 10-minute monologue on your services, products, location, why you decided to start your business, your delivery route and the 50 different colors you provide?

If the person who asked is still there by the time you're done, is she staring at you with a glazed look in her eyes or does she quickly respond with, "I'm sorry, I just remembered I have a root canal scheduled that I just don't want to miss."

Have you ever found yourself asking questions of another, then interjecting with your own story while they haven't finished answering? Do you ask just enough to get the ball rolling so you can pick it up and run with it?

One of the deadliest mistakes you can make that repels prospects and ruins your chances of business success is talking too much.

You'll probably agree you've met more than your fair share of people who treated you like an audience instead of a discussion partner. 

Would you want to be their client? Would it seem they have your best interests at heart or their own?

If you think you might be breaking the cardinal rule of speaking more than listening, the first step to correcting it is to become aware of your behaviour. Next time you're speaking with someone, pay conscious attention to how much air time you're taking and how much you're giving.

Also pay attention to how your listener is responding. Is she shifting her feet or glancing away frequently, staring blankly or fidgeting? Look for signs of boredom or anxiety.

If you realize dominating conversations is a habit, once again, make a conscious effort to ask questions, let your partner answer in full, then follow with another question or two. 

If you have to turn it into a game for it to work, imagine yourself as Larry King or Oprah Winfrey. Learn as much as you can about this person without turning your conversation into an inquisition.

Listening is a skill very few people master. By practicing conscious communications, you can become a skilled listener and in turn, a successful business owner.

Questioning is also a skill that can be quickly learned and if you don't know where to begin, start with simple questions like:

1. What do you do for work (business)?

2. What do you enjoy most about it?

3. How did you get started in that line of work (business)?

4. Where would you like to see your work (business) in 5-10 years?

Eventually, if your partner doesn't suffer from Rambleitis, the conversation will turn to you. You'll be asked what you do and when this happens, respond with a brief statement that creates interest or curiosity and wait for the listener to prompt you for more. 

Rambleitis can be beaten and if you're unable to self-diagnose, ask others you trust to share their observations. This disease can be quickly nipped in the bud and you can be enjoying a healthyFeature Articles, vibrant business with a simple 3-step cure. 

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Laurie Hayes, founder of The HBB Source, and creator of The Complete 12-Step Guide To Starting A Home-Based Business, helps employees become successful home-based business owners. Get her free ezine packed with helpful resources at

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