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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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How to Clean Upholstery to elongate its life

Good furniture receives a splendid deal of use through the years, and which means stains, dust, and dirt, ugly smells, and a casual wear and tear. However in case you keep your upholstery neat and prefer new with right cleaning, it will ensure relaxation for you and your own family for future years. Relying on the material your upholstery is made from, you'll be able to perform deep cleaning with a steam cleaner or do it yourself strategies annually. You can even spot clean your upholstery with effective cleaners, and all you need is simply a vacuum and brush. Moreover, the regular cleaning of the holster keeps the furniture clean and hence makes it look elegant.

Performing Basic Cleaning   

You can carry out the basic cleaning in the following ways:

  • Check the holster tags carefully. Moreover, each tag has a different letter on it that basically tells the cleaning requirements of the material. The different letters with their meaning are given below:
  • W letter indicates water-based solutions cleaning
  • S letter indicates cleaning with solvent-based solutions e.g. dry cleaning
  • SW letter is on fabrics that can either be washed with water or solvents.
  • X letters are on fabrics that are only cleaned by vacuuming and light brushing
  • If the cushions have removable covers, wash them according to the type of fabric. If the covers are not removable, however, then remove the large food particles, solid spills, rocks or dirt with a spoon or spatula. For the non-removable cushion covers, use the soft brush to remove dust and dirt. Similarly, vacuum the crevices and corners to get rid of dirt accumulation.

How is Cleaning Action performed?

Cleaning With Water-Based Solutions

For fabrics with letter W or WS, you have the freedom to use any water-based fabric cleaner. Moreover, there are many commercial products available for this purpose. Apply the product by a clean cloth and gently rub on the stain. Eventually, this will clean the stain after which you can wash this area with water. Before using any product regularly, perform a patch test, however. Moreover, apply a small amount of product to the fabric to check its color bleaching, shrinkage or other changes to the fabric.

An alternate cleaning way is to use home-made upholstery cleaner. You can prepare them by mixing a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid with a cup of water. Beat with an electric mixer to make it foamy. Hence, apply on the areas with stains and rub with the brush. Rinse the fabric with water. You will get good results.

Cleaning With Solvents

For fabrics with letter S or WS, a water-free solvent is best. With a soft cloth or towel blot the solvent on the area of fabric with stains. Use a soft brush to gently rub on the fabric to remove dirt. As a precaution, I consider myself responsible to tell you that you must not use the solvent cleaners near smoky areas because they can catch flames.

Moreover, on non-removable cushion covers, clean the entire cushion instead of the spot only. This is to ensure a uniform appearance. Apply the solvent on the cushion surface and blot the surface of the cushion. Similarly, blow the oscillating fan over the upholstered surface. Hence, this will continuously blow fresh air to dry the surface of the fabric. Finally, you can vacuum the surface as well to ensure they dry fully.

Cleaning Leather Upholstery

For leather cleaning, mix equal parts of water and vinegar. Dip a soft cloth in this mixture. Wring the cloth, however, to let the maximum of the mixture out of this soft cloth. Wipe the stained parts of leather. Try to use the minimum of water while cleaning leather as water stains can still stay there.

For leather cleaning, there are specific leather cleaning agents available in the market. I recommend you to go for them just in the case you do not want to risk your expensive leather upholstery. Try to apply regularly the leather conditioners on leather upholstery. Hence, they keep the leather soft and moist. This also prevents the leather from cracking.

How to keep Upholstery Clean?

There are a few steps which you can take to keep the upholstery clean and elegant. These steps are:

  • Avoid the exposure of UV rays. Position the furniture in a way to minimize the exposure of the sun. Use UV-protective blinds as a further precaution.
  • Keep the napkins and towels in the ease of excess. This is necessary that in case of any sudden spillage, the napkin is nearby you so that the spillage can be cleaned as soon as possible.
  • Try to vacuum the furniture regularly because the dust and dirt on them will make them look grimy and old if you do not clean them frequently.
  • For busy houses, where furniture is prone to frequent staining, it is better to spray the furniture with the fabric protector. Moreover, fabric protectors are stain repellants.

Professional upholstery cleaning services-

It is always best to trust the professionals for giving your upholstery a new-like look. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide is the best company promising quality services at a pocket- friendly price. The expert staff will waste no time and put all its expertise to make your upholstery not just cleanFeature Articles, but also germs and bacteria free.

Give them a call on 0420 230 164 to avail their exceptional services in no time.

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Riley Evans is a proffesional blogger and cleaning manager in a reputative cleaning company in Australia. He always write blogs and article on cleaning tips, DIY cleaning, cleaning produdtcs and many more.

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